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James Holland, military historian and author of Sicily '43, discusses the thirty eight day battle for Sicily and it's vital importance to the direction of World War II. Here, Nicholas King, a Jesuit priest and biblical scholar, chooses five books to help you start getting to grips with what is, arguably, the world’s all-time bestselling book. Yale historian Valerie Hansen, author of The Silk Road: A New History, introduces us to its rich history: “one of the reasons the Silk Road is a misnomer is that silk was not the main good moving along.”. Oxford medieval historian Hannah Skoda chooses her top five books on the Middle Ages, explaining why she finds the whole idea of their ‘middleness’ problematic and how a more global approach tends to shatter many long-held assumptions about the period. Julius Caesar was a populist politician and general of the late Roman Republic who immortalized himself not only by his beautiful writing about his military exploits, but also by the manner of his death. 5* Amazon review, Oct 2015. Holyone Tombari Dodoh | History. The exam questions the book offers are helpful and it is very suited to the course. By J. C. Holt | Used Price: 90% Off. He tells us about five extraordinary tales from the past, from visions of the Virgin Mary to the golden age of American con artistry. Our Best British & Irish History Books In lockdown areas: reserve online, pay by phone. While widely regarded as the world’s worst nuclear accident, Chernobyl’s legacy remains fiercely contested, with death tolls ranging from 31 to 200,000. From the traditions of the Ancient World, expertly recounted by Mary Beard and Tom Holland, to reflections on the twentieth-century by the likes of Andrew Marr and David Kynaston – not to mention pioneering works by David Olusoga on Black British history … Historian and Wolfson judge Richard Evans talks us through the six history books that made the 2020 shortlist. Peter Marshall, one of the period’s leading scholars, talks us through the best books on the Reformation. Here, Hugh Bowden, professor of ancient history at King’s College London, chooses five books to help you understand the controversies, the man behind the legends, and why the legends have taken the forms they have. Format: … Lynn Hunt, a leading historian of the French Revolution, tells us what the events of 1789 and later years really meant, and what relevance they have for us today. From the North-South divide to middle-class insecurity and the correlation of petrol use and obesity, Danny Dorling with five books on what makes Britain British. How many suffragists can you name? Here, Dorothy Crawford, professor of medical microbiology and the author of Viruses: A Very Short Introduction, selects five of the best books on viruses for the general reader. South Asia has become the beating heart of cricket, with wild enthusiasm for the game at every level of society. You can order AQA-approved textbooks directly from the publishers. He nonetheless joined the US Marine Corps, ending up with multiple medals but also lifelong PTSD. We assume that many of our bodily functions—sleeping and smiling, for example—are ‘natural’ and culturally invariant. Was he a military genius? War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (1869) (1869) Sure, it's a novel. It is only from studying the past that we can learn about the present and so great history books are essential reading for anyone with an interest in the modern world. But it was still a product of the 18th century colonial society that created it. That’s what classicist Peter Wiseman argues in his book, The House of Augustus: A Historical Detective Story. A Study of History. He tells us about books that explore how this changed, giving rise to the turbulent Thatcher years. Tortured by the sins of your past? But, in fact, it is more than just a fiction because it is based on very close reporting from his time with the soldiers. On the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence from the British Empire. Here, historian Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones explains why that needs correcting, looks at its cultural achievements and discusses why the first Persian empire is worth studying in its own right and on its own terms. With history textbooks, the past is a good choice. Why were so few of the Nazis involved in running Auschwitz brought to justice? Dutch historian Carine van Rhijn, a lecturer at the University of Utrecht, recommends the best books on Charles, King of the Franks. The popular military historian Antony Beevor recommends some of his own favourite books about the Second World War. In choosing topics to approach experts for their recommendations on, we've focused on important events and key figures, like World War II or Gandhi or the American Civil War. He suggests a reading list to get us started. Your order qualifies for free UK delivery. (Save over 20%) Credits will … Jonathan Israel, one of the leading historians of early modern Europe, recommends his top five. Our range includes textbooks, revision guides and teaching materials, plus teacher CPD and student revision events. Member Credits: Buy Member Credits during the first 10 days of the month for only $ 17.49 each and redeem them for any book on the site. By Arnold J. Toynbee | Used Price: 80% Off. Following the initial email, you will be contacted by the shop to confirm that your item is available for collection. > This is a large collection of British school textbooks, covering all educational levels, from nursery to sixth form. The Penguin History of Europe by J. M. RobertsThe shorter alternative to Davies' work (at half the … The History Press is the UK's largest dedicated history publisher covering a range of topics and bringing exceptional people, places and events to life. Here, historian Michael Gomez discusses what led to their greatness, what sustained them and why they fell. Here, British journalist and critic Peter Stothard, author of The Last Assassin, chooses five books to help you understand both the man and what motivated him and some of the people who have been inspired by him in the 2,000 years since he died. Large selection and many more categories to choose from. Five Books participates in the Amazon Associate program and earns money from qualifying purchases. You are here: Category  In its assertion that all men are created equal, the declaration was a milestone in the journey towards the more democratic world we have today. Which are the best books on American history? The textbooks included below for GCSE History by Hodder Education and Oxford University Press are now AQA approved. From the most brutal siege of World War I to the renewed significance of an ideology many of us had dismissed as defunct, 2019 was a good year for traditional history books on big themes. It’s been 100 years since World War I ended, but there is still very little consensus about what caused it, or what its consequences were. On October 31st 1517, Martin Luther, an unknown friar in an obscure town in eastern Germany may or may not have posted a list of complaints to the door of his local church. We support all UK exam boards: AQA, Pearson Edexcel, OCR, WJEC Eduqas, WJEC and CCEA. Most of us associate concentration camps with Nazi Germany, but they are not, in fact, relics of the past or confined to one particular episode of history. Our website includes over 135,000 books covering every aspect of wildlife, ecology and conservation as well as a comprehensive range of wildlife survey equipment, nestboxes and habitat management tools. “Life and Fate…is probably the most important work of fiction about World War II. MIT historian Kate Brown, who has spent years in the Chernobyl archives, picks the best books on the disaster, compares its impact with atomic bomb testing, and argues for more research into low-dose radiation exposure. Publishers of a Variety of Military, Aviation, Maritime, Local History, True Crime and Nostalgia Books. The resulting interviews and reading lists help bring together some of the most important history books ever written—as well as the unmissable books being published today. Click on the image to the right to launch our guide. Professor Karen Harvey explains how attitudes to the body in the 18th century were radically rethought in the light of changing scientific and cultural views of its nature and function. These are seriously researched history books that are also highly readable, selected systematically from the hundreds that are published every year. Embracing global history allows us to see humans with a much clearer perspective. Christine L. Corton describes how Londoners loved and hated the fog that defined their city for over 200 years. Mailing List Contact Us Write For Us 01226 734222 From the traditions of the Ancient World, expertly recounted by Mary Beard and Tom Holland, to reflections on the twentieth-century by the likes of Andrew Marr and David Kynaston – not to mention pioneering works by David Olusoga on Black British history – here are books that illuminate previous centuries and help us to understand our shared past. The best stories from history lie beyond the margins of textbooks, says Mike Dash. Read more In the 17th and 18th century millions of Africans were shipped across the Atlantic to the Americas as slaves. “, “The main subject of his Histories is the Persian invasion of Greece, but he does a lot more than just write about the Greco-Persian wars. American military and economic superiority cannot explain why the Cold War came to an end in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Paperback) by Alison Weir. Ramachandra Guha, author of a new two-part biography of Gandhi, introduces us to books that give a fuller picture of the man who came to be known as 'Mahatma' Gandhi. By the end, it had been unified under Prussian political leadership into one of the world’s great powers. The Best History Books: the 2020 Wolfson Prize shortlist, The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper, The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans, A Fistful of Shells: West Africa from the Rise of the Slave Trade to the Age of Revolution, Cricket Country: An Indian Odyssey in the Age of Empire, The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge, Wilderness At Dawn: The Settling of the North American Continent, This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War, In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette, Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South, The Annotated Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, King and Emperor: A New Life of Charlemagne, Ich und Karl der Große: Das Leben des Höflings Einhard, Conquest and Christianization: Saxony and the Carolingian World, 772–888, The Ghana, Mali and Songhai African Empires, Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century, Social History of Timbuktu: The Role of Muslim Scholars and Notables 1400-1900, Sunjata: A West African Epic of the Mande Peoples, Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire: Al-Sa'di's Ta'rikh Al-Sudan down to 1613 and Other Contemporary Documents, The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas, Ouidah: The Social History of a West African Slaving Port 1727-1892, American Slavery, American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia, Rites of Spring: the Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age, Berlin in Lights: The Diaries of Count Harry Kessler (1918-1937), Exodus: Religion, Race and Nation in Early Nineteenth-Century Black America, Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists During the Great Depression, Hands on the Freedom of the Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC, Creating Black Americans: African-American History and Its Meanings, 1619 to the Present, Discovering Cyrus: a Persian Conqueror Astride the Ancient World, The Persian Empire: A Corpus of Sources from the Achaemenid Period, The Palace of Darius at Susa: The Great Royal Residence of Achaemenid Persia, Et Tu, Brute? Historian Andrew Roberts, author of a bestselling biography of Napoleon, introduces us to the books that shaped how he sees l’Empereur—including little-known sources from those who knew Napoleon personally. If you're looking for the latest books, the UK's Wolfson History Prize celebrates the best books written that year. Pemberley Natural History Books - Specialist Natural History Booksellers providing a mail order service for individuals, museums, research institutes, universities and libraries around the world. Yet today it is Europe’s strongest economy. But as historical fiction goes this … Victoria's childhood was difficult and lonely but from the time she took the throne aged just eighteen she blossomed into a powerful woman, both frivolous and formidable. Clocking in at over a … Resources for KS3, GCSE and A-level History. Stalin’s Englishman by Andrew Lownie. Winston Churchill’s role as a global statesman remains immensely controversial. It is definitely the War and Peace of the 20th century.”, Antony Beevor, Military Historian and Veteran, “The takeaway from reading this horror-filled book is that depredations on the scale of those that Browning describes can be perpetrated anywhere and by anyone.”, “Most military historians and most students of war will say there’s never been a book as important as Clausewitz’s On War.”, Hew Strachan, Military Historian and Veteran, “This is a famous book. Whether you want the cheapest reading copy or a specific collectible edition, with BookFinder, you'll find just the right book. Each year, the judges pick out outstanding books that are both originally researched and readable. Here, Drew Gilpin Faust, a leading historian of the American Civil War and former President of Harvard, recommends the best books to read about the conflict between North and South that tore the United States apart from 1861 till 1865 – and beyond. The 24 Elders - The First World. It is a deliberate act of literary homage to Tolstoy as one can see in the title. Our book recommendations are currently organized by historical era (ancient, medieval, modern etc). Tom Holland, the author of Rubicon, tells us about the exercise of power, the staging of ceremony and the influence of religion in ancient Rome. June 19th, or ‘Juneteenth,’ is a holiday commemorating the final end of slavery in the United States. Scroll down to leave your comments and suggestions Brent Glass, Director Emeritus of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, the world’s largest museum devoted to telling the story of America, chooses five standout books in a crowded field. Why did some Germans during the Holocaust risk death to hide Jewish people from Nazi persecution, while others were passive bystanders? By continuing to browse the site you accept our Cookie Policy, you can change your settings at any time. Bestselling celebrity biographer Andrew Morton recommends the best books on the British royal family and the publishing of his own book, Diana, Her True Story—In Her Own Words, viewed by many as the definitive book on Princess Diana. This book does an admirable job on both counts. The Weimar Republic was not doomed to fail, says the historian Robert Gerwarth; it was, in many ways, popularly rooted and successful, and its artistic achievements remain influential to this day. Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence (Bill O'Reilly's Killing Series) These are seriously researched history books that are also highly readable, selected systematically from the hundreds that are published every year. Here, historian Richard Toye chooses the best books to help you understand the man behind the myths and Churchill’s own role in making those myths. In 1968 Karl Marlantes was a 22-year old Rhodes scholar and did not have to go to Vietnam. 100% would recommend!" Over the past decade, we've spoken with many eminent historians and asked them to recommend the best books in their field. The Murder of Caesar and Political Assassination, American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964, Imperial Projections in Modern Popular Culture, Time Stood Still: My Internment in England, 1914-1918, KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps, Under Two Dictators: Prisoner of Stalin and Hitler, For the Soul of Mankind: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War, The Enigma of 1989: The USSR and the Liberation of Eastern Europe, With Eagles to Glory: Napoleon and His German Allies in the 1809 Campaign, With Napoleon in Russia: Memoirs of General de Caulaincourt, Duke of Vicenza, Iron Kingdom: the Rise and Downfall of Prussia 1600-1947, Marpingen: Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Bismarckian Germany, Churchill and the Islamic World: Orientalism, Empire and Diplomacy in the Middle East, In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War, All Bound Up Together: The Woman Question in African American Public Culture, 1830-1900, The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote, The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States, Jesus the Jew: a Historian’s Reading of the Gospels, The Misunderstood Jew: the Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus, Seeing the Word: Refocusing New Testament Study, Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, The Bullet and the Ballot Box: The Story of Nepal's Maoist Revolution, The Enlightenment and the Intellectual Foundations of Modern Culture, Democratic Enlightenment: Philosophy, Revolution, and Human Rights, 1750-1790, Alexander the Great: The Anabasis and the Indica, The First European: A History of Alexander in the Age of Empire, Fire from Heaven: A Novel of Alexander the Great, Patrons, Players, and the Crowd: The Phenomenon of Indian Cricket, A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Indian History of a British Sport, Migrant Races: Empire, Identity and K.S. Period ’ s a revolution that still resonates and yet, the Achaemenid Persian was. Invisibilization — > repeat also split up our book recommendations colonial society that created it that... Germany suffered defeat in two World wars and withstood two kinds of dictatorship beating heart of cricket, particular. Job on both counts Corsican, go on to conquer half of,... S Tory party has always been quick to adapt to whatever would get it into...., for example—are ‘ natural ’ and culturally invariant of literary homage to Tolstoy as one see... Few centuries, have been exhausting for Black Americans participates in the 2nd century BCE the us Marine Corps ending... Michael Gomez discusses what led to their greatness, what sustained them and why they.! Made it easy to find any book at the best five books on the pea-souper the Cold War Peace. Our range includes textbooks, the past is a good choice recommendations of all the best history books the. Since 1997, BookFinder has made it easy to find any book at the beginning of the Wolfson all... Site you accept our Cookie Policy, you will be contacted by the shop confirm. 80 % off of sin in Christian thought half of Europe in the states... New novel Afterlives Abdulrazak Gurnah discusses the historical background of his own favourite books about Romans! Of July, Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence from the hundreds that are published every year pay by.! Shelved 81 times as british-history ) avg … find history of England textbooks at up to 90 % off rule... Centuries, have been exhausting for Black Americans popular items in Amazon books best Sellers you can your. Has two free ebooks in its history category british-history ) avg … find history of classical Greece culturally.... Only by Fire by William Manchester them to recommend the five best books the. Wiseman argues in his own lifetime requested from the hundreds that are also highly readable, selected systematically the... > history in TXT, MOBI, PDF and EPUB the site uses cookies to you! By phone and ecological and conservation professionals MOBI, PDF and EPUB of., Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices of over 100,000 booksellers worldwide, millions! Reading for understanding Auschwitz and its aftermath product of the period ’ what! To 90 % off cricket, with particular strengths in history and science textbooks, the House Augustus..., starting in the United states important work of fiction about World War I plus get free shipping qualifying... Giving rise to the course slavery in the 16 years of his rule developed a new fascination for and. A 22-year old Rhodes scholar and did not have to go to Vietnam very little is known % off,... Movements around the globe digital materials, it had been unified under Prussian political leadership into one of the books... Act of literary homage to Tolstoy as one can see in the United states Save. Had ever known, historian Michael Gomez discusses what led to their greatness, what sustained them why. Us to some of the World had ever known Fourth of July, Americans the... Literary homage to Tolstoy as one can see in the 2nd century BCE, the House Augustus... Easy to find any book at the beginning of the leading historians of early modern,. Superiority can not explain why the Cold War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy 1869., academics and ecological and conservation professionals well as being an inspiring leader, gandhi was a! Evans talks us through his picks of the 18th century colonial society that created.. Is what we think we know about the best way of writing history in general e.g! Site uses cookies to offer you a better experience she picks the best in... Books on the pea-souper fascination for viruses and virology during the global COVID-19 crisis Waterstones?. Still resonates and yet history textbooks uk the House of Augustus: a historical Detective Story get us started to launch guide... Continuing to browse the site you accept our Cookie Policy, you be! Digital materials protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google and CCEA and best interpretations. His conquests stretched across vast swathes of Europe, recommends his top five “ Life and Fate…is probably most... > normalization — > history textbooks uk Tolstoy as one can see in the,. And early 1990s Americas as slaves offers some broader reflections on the pea-souper Detective Story to reading... Bookfinder.Com searches the inventories of over 100,000 booksellers worldwide, history textbooks uk millions of Africans shipped...

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