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I came across the following Kayastha Surnames 1. English (Essex, Kent): possibly a nickname from Norman caste ‘chaste’, ‘virtuous’ (from Old French chaste). The population density is 1,102 per sq. Caste certificates for SC & ST are issued in terms of The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Identification) Act, 1994. SEPARATION OF SINDH FROM BOMBAY PRESIDENCY, THE ANNUAL SESSION OF THE CONGRESS IN KARACHI, Rowlatt Bill and Amritsar Tragedy and Sindh, CHRONOLOGY OF THE SINDH KHILAFAT COMMITTEE, The First Sindh Provincial Muslim League Conference Karachi, Speeches and Statements on JAMMU & KASHMIR, Sindhi Words in common use in official correspondence by Rao Bahadu Chainrai Bulchand 1931, Dr.Pathan's Cooperation with Institute of Sindhology. 11 barber/nai 12 cheetamdr 13 cheltian 14 chetiar 15 chettiar 16 cristan 17 dada achi 18 deyar 19 dhoby 20 dilai 21 f.c. Bangi (surname) Bansal; Bapat; Barad (name) Barman (surname) Barot (caste) Barthwal; Bartwal; Basak (surname) Basu; Batra; Bayya; Beg Khan; Begum; Bendre; Bezawada; Bhaduri; Bhagwat (surname) Bhagwati; Bhalerao; Bhalsod; Bhamra; Bhandarkar; Bhargava; Bhaskaran; Bhat; Bhatia caste; Bhatnagar; Bhaṭṭa; Bhau; Bhimwal; Bholowalia; Bhonsle; Bhowal; Bhowmick; Bindra; Binny; Bishnoi; Biswas; Bohra; Bollimunta; Bose (surname) Issue of Scheduled Caste Certificate to the members of Buddhism Religion (size :2.31MB) . No doubt all were University men. Wise was a name used for a wise or learned person. All rights reserved. Similar surnames… Jati, caste, in Hindu society. Roger le Wis was noted in the Pipe Rolls of Sussex, dated 1203, and Agnes, daughter of William and Jane Wise, was christened at Easton, Wiltshire, on October 3rd 1591. This class consists of the intellectuals, teachers, and priests. The Coat of Arms most associated with the name is a black shield with three ermine chevronels. Historical figures. The word "wise" derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "wis", meaning "knowing". Here is the Telugu actors’ caste list with their religion. It is of pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon origin, and derives from a byname applied to a "learned person". Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Society - Sindh Historical Society, Alphabetical list of members - Sindh Historical Society, Councils, Office-Bearers and members of the Managing Committees. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press. It is of pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon origin, and derives from a byname applied to a "learned person". - Sindh Historical Society, Who’s Who of Members - Sindh Historical Society, Correspondence - Sindh Historical Society, Index of Newspapers, Journals and Periodicals, Presidential Address by Mr. G.M. Notification No. No. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. BHURGRI Speech 21 APRIL 1916, 5TH SIND PROVINCIAL CONFERENCE KARACHI PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH KARACHI 5TH SINDH PROVINCIAL CONFERENCE KARACHI Presidential Address, PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS BY JAMSHED N.R. This was about 23% of all the recorded Wise's in the USA. Possibly an altered spelling of French Caste, cognate with 2. Enjoy this name printed onto our colourful scroll, printed in Olde English script. Lal - Bihar 2. Articles in this category are concerned with surnames (last names in Western cultures, but family names in general), especially articles concerned with one surname.. Use template {{}} to populate this category. Recorded as Wise, Wyse, Wisdom, Wiseman, Wisman, and no doubt others, this is an English surname. The most Wise families were found in the USA in 1880. © 2017 Name Origin Research. Caste system in Bihar. Elias le Wyse, … The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Aedwin Wise, which was dated 1176, in the "Pipe Rolls of Devonshire", during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. [1] Framed Surname History and Coat of Arms - … Thus he created the Iyengar community, and … I know about Andhra Pradesh. Wise Surname Definition: This surname is derived from a nickname. 347-TW… Do you want to know the caste of all heroes and heroines in Telugu cinema? The surname is also very common in England, where it ranks 798 th. In 1840 there were 223 Wise families living in Pennsylvania. PROMINENT CASTES AND SURNAMES OF SINDHI HINDUS/ NON-MUSLIMS, BY DR. DUR MUHAMMAD PATHAN FOUNDER GUL HAYAT INSTITUTE. MEHTA 18 APRIL 1919, PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS OF SETH HAJI ABDOOLA, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech DECEMBER 5, 1993 Lahore, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 3 January, 1994 Larkana, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 11th January, 1994 Hala, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech Islamabad 27 February, 1994, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech Garhi Khuda Buksh 4 April, 1994, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 19 April, 1994, Bonn, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 8 june, 1994, Islamabad, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 20 November, 1994, Larkana, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 14 March, 1995, Islamabad, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 07 November, 1995, Tehran, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 30 November, 1995, Islamabad, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 04 January, 1996, Jacobabad, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 20 January, 1996, Tokyo, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 28 March, 1996,Islamabad, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speech 7 april, 1996,Islamabad, Shaheed Muhtarma Benzir Bhutto Speeches and Statements on JAMMU & KASHMIR, Presidential Address by Shaikh Abdul Majid Sindhi, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto address 15 december 1971. Issue of Scheduled Caste Certificate to migrants from other States/UTs (size :3.85MB) . & Duly assisted by Mumtaz Ali Pathan, Zahid Ali Pathan and Mohsin ali Pathan. example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic The last name ranks Wise ranks 445 th in popularity in terms in the United Status as of the 2000 Census. state wise list of castes state tamil nadu code caste 1 addi dirvisa 2 akamow door 3 ambacam 4 ambalam 5 ambalm 6 asari 7 asari 8 asooy 9 asrai 10 b.c. The Commission will examine the methodologies adopted for collecting caste-wise data, and based on that, it will conduct a survey to collect such data and … Avoid nomenclature Dalit/Harijan/Girijan for the members of Scheduled Castes (size :2.57MB) . Some important Documents relating to the Hur Movement, Gul Hayat Institute, Village Khair Muhammad Arija, District Larkano, Sindh, Pakistan. Further research revealed that the name is derived from the Old English word wis, meaning wise or knowledgeable. He published and left in manuscript religious and other musical compositions which, with those of Blow and Humphrey, constitute a link between the foreign music encouraged by Charles 11 and the original work of Purcell. The name ranks particularly high in the following five states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, and Indiana. All rights reserved. Verma - Bihar 3. An ideal gift. Presidential address OF MR. M. A. JINNAH READ ON 8th OCTOBER 1938. OBC certificates are issued in terms of Govt. Guided/Supervised/Examined handsome number of Ph.Ds in Subjects of Social Sciences. The name Wise is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. Gopana – was the General of Kumara Kampana II who was the son of Bukka Raya the founder of Vijayanagara Empire; Moropant Pingle-was the Peshwe in Shivaji's Asthapradhan mandal; Peshwa Bajirao I – Peshwa of Maratha Empire. Reply Delete There are various ethnic group reside here, and mainly three ethnolinguistics groups are Bhojpuri, Maithili and Magahis. Sociologically, jati What you have shown on your site is a list of surnames not castes.But your page heading is "Indian cast list", which I think is not justified. The big hearted Raamanuja fought against caste distinctions and gathered under his doctrine, people from all walks of life and caste and religion and occupation and said henceforth they shall be known as one community. Table of Contents1 Telugu Actors Names and their Caste2 You can […] Author of more than 25 books on history, culture, literature & folklore. Name of the Constituency Party Affiliated; 1: SRI KAMBALA JOGULU: 9: RAJAM (SC) YSRCP: 2: SRI ALAJANGI JOGARAO: 12: PARVATHIPURAM (SC) YSRCP: 3: SRI GOLLA BABU RAO: 33: PAYAKARAOPETA (SC) Recorded as Wise, Wyse, Wisdom, Wiseman, Wisman, and no doubt others, this is an English surname. origin From the book Col. John Wise of England and Virginia (1617-1695): His Ancestors and Descendants by Jennings Cropper Wise, published 1918 by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Inc, Richmond, VA, for the Virginia Historical Society: The Wises are a Saxon race who were in the west of England before the Norman Conquest, at which period, one Oliver Wise, Gewis, or Gwiss, is stated in … Km. The caste system, which determines a person's place in society, is now outlawed in India, but still followed culturally. Last name: Wise. Sl. Caste Wise. (However, do not use the template on disambiguation pages that contain a list of people by family name. Pershad - Bihar 4. SC /ST / OBC certificates (caste certificates) are issued by SDOs in all Sub- Divisions. the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In the Indian caste system, there are four different varnas, or the major social classes, that caste-based surnames generally fall under. This is an alphabetical listing of Indian family names, and does not indicate the most common surnames with any reasonable degree of accuracy.Apart from the decennial Census surveys, there is no definitive source for common surnames in India … Josyula. 1531. Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, & the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. Sachal Sarmast Aen Un Ja Ham Asar Shair 2, Shah Abdul Latif and His Sufistic Thought. An interesting namebearer, recorded in the "Dictionary of National Biography", was the musician and composer Michael Wise (1646 - 1687). Terms of Use. In Indian philosophy, jati (genus) describes any group of things that have generic characteristics in common. As mentioned above, what is the Vjnt caste list of maharashtra and how much reservation is given to Vimukta Jati Nomadic Tribes caste. The last name Josyula is predominantly found in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and the … © 2017 Name Origin Research. Abichandani, Acharya; Achhra; Achtani; Achwani;  Advani; Adyani; Agnani; Ahuja; Ailani; Ailsingani;  Ajwani; Akali; Alimchandani; Alwani; Amarnani; Ambwani; Anandani; Anwani; Awtani; Asrani; Asarphota; Aswani; Athwani; Babani; Babur;  Badlani; Bagai; Bahrnani; Bajaj; Bakhru; Bakhtiani; Balani; Balchandani; Balwani; Bandrani; Basantani;  Batheja; Bellara; Bhagat;Bhagia; Bagatiani; Bedi;Bedlani; Bhagwanani; Bhambhani; Bharvani; Bhatia; Bhavnani;Bhaiyani; Bhayat; Bhojwani; Bijlani; Bodhi; Bodwani;Bolkani; Boolkani; Budhrani; Budhwani; Bulchandani; Bulli; Bukho; Butani; Buxani; Chabria; Chagwani; Chainani; Chalwani; Chandiramani; Chand; Chadnani; Chanchlani; Chandwani;Chainramani; chandwani; Chawla; Chelani; Chelaramani; Chhablani; Chhatlani; Chetwani;  Chitale; Chhapro; Chhatpar; Chhatwani; Chowdhri; Chowthani; Chugh; Chaghiria; Changlani; Chugani; Dadlani; Dalal; Dalwani; Dani; Dembla; Deenani;  Devani; Dhakani;  Dhameja; Dhanjani; Dhanwani; Dharamdasani; Dheermilani; Dheerwani;  Dhingra; Diowani; Diyanalani;  Dodeja; Dudani; Durgapuri; Fatnani;  Gabani; Gajra; Gajwani; Gangani; Gajwani;  Gawalani;  Gehani; Gehi; Gharibdasani; Ghanshamdasani; Gianchandani; Gidvani; Godhia; Gogia;  Goil;  Goklani; Golani; Gopalani; Gulrajani; Gulnani;  Gunani; Gurnasingani; Gupta; Gur;  Gurbaxani; Gurnani; Gurshahani; Gursihani; Harchandani; Hardwani; Hargunani; Harijani; Harisingani; Harjpalani; Harpalani; Haryani; Harwani; Harwani; Haseja; Hathiramani;Himthani; Himathsingani; Hinduja ; Hazari; Hemnani; Hemrajani; Hingorani; Hiranandani; Hirani; Hirwani; Idnani; Ijwani; Israni Jadwani;; Jagani; Jagtiani; Jagyasi; Jaindani; Jaisingani; Jaising; Jali; Janjani; Jasooja; Jeswani; Jethani; Jethra;  Jethmilani; Jetley; Jewatani; Jewatramani;  Jhamnani; Jhangiani; Jhoryani; Jhuramalani;  Jodhwani; Jog, Joshi; Jotwani; Kakwani; Kalro; Kalani; Kaltar;  Kalwani; Kalyadasani; Kalyani;  Kamalani; Kanal; Kanul; Kapur; Karanmilani; Karamchandani;; Karna;  Karira; Kella;  Keswani; Kharna; Khealani; Khtanhar; Khatri;  Khatwani; Khimani;   Kewalramani; Khanchandani; Khatanmalani; Khatwani; Khilani; Khilnani; Khiyani; Kikla; Kirpalani; Khitani;  Kimatsinghani; Kinger; Kishnani; Kodnani; Kodwani; Kotwani;  Kshatria; Khubchandani; Kukreja; Kundnani;Lachhani; Lagu;  Laheja;Lahori; Lakhani;  Lakhoomalani; Lala; Lalani; Laljani; Lakhandani; Lakhwani; Lalwani; Langhani; Laungani; Ledwani; Lekhwani; Likhani; Lilani; Loda; Lokwani; Lulla; Madnani; Mahboobani; Mahrvarti;  Mahtani;  Mahrotri; Maidasani;  Makhija; Makhijani; Makwani; Malani; Malhi;Malkani;Makhijani; Mamtani;  Mamtora; Manchandia; Manghnani; Manghirmalani; Mangtiani;  Mani; Mankani;Mankodi; Manwani; Manyal; Mata;  Melsinghani; Musharamani; Munsukhani; Maniar; Mariwala;  Masand; Matri; Mathrani; Mehta; Menghani; Menghrajani; Merani; Methwani; Milwani; Mirchandani;  Mohnani; Molwani;Moriani; Morjani; Motani; Motyani; Motiramani; Motwani; Mukhi; Mulchandani; Mulani; Mulwani; Nachnan; Nagdev; Nagrani; Nagwani; Nadooani; Nain; Nainani; Nainwani; Nankani; Narang; Naraindasani; Narsinghani; Nariani; Narsain;Narwani;  Nasta; Nathani; Navani; Nebhwani; Nihalani; Nichnani; Notani; Oad; Ojha; Pagrani; Pahalajani; Pamnani;Pania;  Panjabi; Pajwani;  Paran;Pardasani; Parohat; Parsani; Parsramani; Parvani; Paryani;  Pawar; Peswani;  Pherwani;  Pulwani; Pulwar; Primlani; Pohuja; Pohujani; Poojara; Pravin; Premalani; Purswani; Punwani; Rachindani; Radhakrishani; Raghani; Raghwani; Raheja; Raichandani;   Raisinghani; Rajani, Rajmalani; Rajput; Rajnani; Ramchandani; Ramnani;  Ramrakhiani; Ramrasar; Ramtri; Ramvani; Rao kanghar; Ratnani; Ratwansi; Rawalani; Rawtani; Reejhsinghani; Relani; Relvani; Rewani;  Rijhwani; Rohra; Rochwani;  Roopani; Roopchandani; Ruchandani; Sabhani; Sachani; Sachnandani;  Sadnani; Sadarangani; Sadhwani; Sainani; Sajnani; Sakhrani; Shahani; Salvani; Sajnani; Samtani; Sangtani; Santlalani; Sanwnani; Shastri; Sathiria; Satwani; Sawlani; Savant; Satani; Sethani; Seerwani; Seetpal;  Sewani; Shahdadpuri; Shamnani;  Sharma; Shahani; Shewakrani;  Shewaramani; Shingrani;Shringi; Shivani; Shivdasani; Sipahimalani; Sipro; Sitlani; Sodha; Sodhwani; Solanki; Somani; Somia; Soni; Sonijee; Sonper; Suchde; Sujan; Sujansinghani; Sukheja; Sukhpal; Sukhwani; Sudarani; Tahilramani; Tahiliani; Takhifiani; Talreja; Tanwarmalani; Tanwani;Tarachandani;  Teknani; Tejuja; Tejwani; Teckchandani; Tejwani; Thadani; Thairani; Thakur; Thanwani; Tharwani;Thanwardasani;  Tharani,Thawani; Tilokchandani; Tilwani;  Tolani; Tulsiyani; Udasi; Utamchandani; Valecha; Valramani; Valyani; Varma; Varyani; Vaswani; Vazirani; Vedhani; Veerwani; Visyani; Wadhwani; Watnani.

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