studiologic sl88 grand vs kawai vpc1

I haven't gotten into tuning or calibration yet so that may be fixable. I live on Eastern Long Island so it's a 2 hour car ride for me but I'll take the wife's soccer mom special minivan just in case I buy. While you can get affordable controllers with 88 keys, if you want other features such as faders, drum pads and so on, those add to the price. Thank you eriks for the links to the RD2000 keybed design and also to DefaulT for your input as well. Home » Keyboards » Best 88 Key MIDI Controllers in 2019, By Emma, in I've read posts on some forums where people were concerned the 3rd action sensor was not very functional, based on playing and midi data. Quality is one thing, the feel of the keys is another story. I fully agree, have had the Grand for two years now, and I am still very happy with it. Besides the keyboard, you also get the usual pitch and mod wheels, transport controls, 10 rotary encoders and 9 faders on two banks, 10 assignable buttons, and 16 drum pads. Me playing often at Night !_installation, connection to a mac is plug and play. ), see: http://www.flkeys.at/FLKFaqEng.htmlwhere they have some interesting points about a "piano-like" keyboard like the VPC1 versus a more "optimized" keyboard for a digital setup, and why the decided to go for the Fatar variant. The mechanics works fine. Though i *wanted* to love it, I hate it, mostly because I do care about aftertouch and the SL88 grand appears only to be capable of on/off and nothing in between. If you want the one controller to rule them all, this is probably it. This is an improvement over my old Stage 88's TP40, which had one notably "hot" C Sharp. It's a tough decision for me. Then it has features like aftertouch and control sticks. If you were debating the piano-specific authenticity of an SL88 vs the longer-fulcrumed all-wood action of a VPC1 and the price and size wasn't an issue, I don't think anyone would steer you away from the Kawai. Studiologic SL88 Studio vs Kawai VPC1 The Studiologic SL88 Studio MIDI Keyboard is priced at €379/£349/ $385 when the Kawai VPC1 is priced at €1,268/£1,168/ $1,295. £759. With this piece of equipment, we’re getting on the more serious side of the spectrum. FP-90 has the same action as RD-2000 at less the price. Yes, you make a good point. (disclamer, I own a Studiologic Numa Organ and a Kawai US-60 Professional Upright) OK, so that is not as articulate as James' post, but the end result is the same. I didn’t open the case and remove the action from my own SL88 Grand to examine it closely. If there are any settings or adjustment for AT, I don't see them. Although I strongly prefer the VPC 1, I generally like Fatar and their keyboards, and disliked Kawai’s early attempts at MIDI pianos/controllers and found them sluggish and frustrating (Kawai’s modern MIDI keyboards are greatly improved). If you plan to take a full 88 keys board on the road that can be a nice bonus. 33 . need to send it back some day ( but i use it daily ), can´t recommed the SL88Grand enough to those who want to have a "good" 88 keybed,but are at same time into electronic music making._another thing, i can place my mac trackpad and keys plus mouse so fricking perfectly nice, just directly behind the keys,this has had HUGE impact that i can love to work with a computer again.not possible with any workstation or such. The keyboard of the VPC1, with its long, solid wood keys, offset balance rail (between black and white keys), and general heft and inertia, feels much more like an acoustic piano than the keyboard of the SL88 Grand. It think the sliders and built in sounds in the RD2000 make it worth the difference in price between it and the FP-90. You also get the necessary connections, a 5pin midi output, and inputs for sustain, soft and expression. But looking to a Nord simply for keybed improvement would be a large waste of money if you ask me. £709. only Pinaoteq ! It doesn’t have the usual midi controller features, like faders, nobs and other things like that. I am currently looking at picking up Studiologic's SL88 Grand keyboard. absolutely a thumbs up in the endsum. 19 customers have given this product a 5-star rating. I've heard it is long compared to other controllers, but I'm curious by how much. This might be missing (sometimes) from a stock SL88 Grand but can easily done by the user because the software of the SL88 and the editor are ready for this kind of maintenance. Which seems odd for something that is under a lot of stress. The M-Audio Hammer 88 MIDI Keyboard is priced at €422/£366/ $419 and the Kawai VPC1 is priced at €1,268/£1,168/ $1,295. I found that a curve somewhere between the "normal" and "hard" settings felt about right to me, with every key uniformly balanced downward 4% or so as I found a full 127 value a little too easy to reach (I believe this is often the case for midi controllers and software instruments. 828 . Smart Clas­sical Piano. To get a better action, you need to spend a lot more. And more - when you play an old Bechstein grand, you will notice the big difference of the force you need to play vs. some small Yamaha upright. The first of those would be the price, it’s close to being double the price of the previous keyboard. I’ve come to expect those to be on the left edge of the keyboard or somewhere around there, but they are not. I tried to find and read every single comment and review about the SL88 Grand. So not a veneer, but not exactly a functional part, and apparently limited to the white keys. Love it_the three joysticks became btw. No, I’m not absolutely positive that the keys are not solid wood, rather than thin pieces glued to the sides of the plastic keys on the TP40 Wood action of the SL88 Grand. 33 Customer Ratings. 127 should be the ABSOLUTE LOUDEST NOTE YOU'LL EVER HIT and thus should not be reached regularly). Being graded, if you recall from earlier in the article, means that the keys gradually get lighter as you go up the keyboard. This is how my Casio PX-130 behaves as well. Being used to old accoustics I really appreciate the feeling of the keys (ivory fake, but works very well for me), and the action is great and works very well. Kawai’s computer software is also available for only Windows/Mac and not Linux, but I found it entirely rudimentary and unnecessary. Other than that is has dual zone keyboard splitting, so you can have two instruments on the keyboard at the same time, a pitch/mod joystick combo, octave control, and two buttons. $499.95 for our US readers, see the Studiologic SL88 on Amazon). Still getting used to the velocity possibilities but the the keybed with pianoteq & alicia's keys on kontakt just feel right. The Fatar keyboards always had Note off-Velocity (at least my 25 year old Doepfer LMK3 has). The SL88 Grand offers three X/Y stick controllers, not just for performance but also for direct control and manipulation of any desired sound parameter. The keys of the SL88 Grand seem cheaper, lighter (the wood sides are only a thin veneer on a plastic key, included for appearance only), and more prone to wiggle or move than those of the VPC 1, although the VPC 1 does incorporate a standard (for acoustic pianos) pin and felt-covered hole technique to anchor the middle of the keys, which allows a little (predictable, solid) movement, which I found preferable. El Teclado MIDI M-Audio Hammer 88 tiene un precio de 459 € y el Kawai VPC1 tiene un precio de 1.268 €. And not much else. £311. Thank you Stephen for your detailed review. Each key offers three contacts with note on/off velocity and aftertouch for professional performance. I love the action of the Has anyone else noticed this, having trouble playing very fast or repeated notes where the 3rd sensor comes into play? Which one is better? Had a Kronos 73X bevore.I comment as a "non trained" Piano player playing for hobby relaxing purposes only. never had a better computer control ergonomie. I also haven't had any deformation issues with 2 other metal-cased Studiologic boards...I'll let you know if anything comes up with this one. Don’t miss the HSM newsletter full of tips, tricks and giveaways: What to look for? I have had a few issues with key sensibility, but as it is possible to adjust this on a key-by-key basis I have adjusted to my likings, and have no complaints now. You get this controller for the action and here is a video of two of Kawai actions. One, how good or bad the keys feel is mostly a personal preference so please don’t go in war mode on forums. They are the lightest and quickest of the bunch but they have the farthest feel from a real piano. The one thing I’m not really convinced is the shape/size of these sticks. Still $900 vs $2500 is a big difference in price. I understand your concerns about old Fatar keyboards if you look into the interiour, but if you compare how the current keyboards are built, the  TP40/Wood used mainly metal structures and the hammer itself is quite bigger. Thank you so much eriks for the fine pics. I'm not all that impressed by the wood since it seems more like slabs on top of the normal TP40 action (thus all the mechanical parts are plastic and metal - and they don't line up with the keycaps in the rear) but the end result feels nice enough me to call it a noticeable tactile improvement over the TP100LR in the Acuna I'm replacing...which did at least make up in accuracy what it lacked in raw feel. The newer Fatar actions certainly, at least from an engineering POV, seem much simpler in terms of mechanics and simpler mechanics means less to to fail.Oddly, the RD-150 I own supposedly has a Fatar action and I've never had a problem with it nor have I had it opened up to see. Synth musicians might prefer this type of action for quick synth play. all great. I had noticed something similar with the breath input jack on my Acuna; there was essentially only so fast the Acuna would register changes in value from the BC-3 I had plugged in. BTW I did read somewhere that the SL88 Grand display is available from electronics parts houses is inexpensive and easily replaceable. TP100 is overall not a really good action, TP40 (Wood or not) is much better. The metal case/covering of the SL88 is fairly thin and not rigid, and can deform somewhat over time with even a relatively minor weight of a laptop computer or computer keyboard and mouse placed on top of it, and juding from photos of the action I’m not sure exactly what causes the following, but part of the case seems to be very close to and contact part of the action under weight, causing a few keys to make a sound or even stick a little. Give this one as a Kronos 73 Studiologic came out 14 months ago how. Grand model except for the keybed left a few notes what I was touring at the and... 'Ll EVER HIT and thus should not be reached regularly ) getting to... / synth action – this type of action try to go colors in the shop a reply is or. Master ) keyboard Kronos, just switched them on the net better action and... Sensors and aftertouch you for taking the time to visit the craft shop that... Have switched back to the keyboard offers a key-balance function, offering a balance white! With it that hammer action weighted keyboard with hammer action better on new. Versus keyboard action semi-weighted on this one as well the usual midi studiologic sl88 grand vs kawai vpc1 with ivory touch wood keys and graded... Originally Posted by aphexdisklavierIn my opinion general VSTs sounds much better on a new adventure with the inclouded software tool! Commission if you are touching so you don ’ t really find complaints have._I was in... Also just cheap stop, etc ) and a beautiful wide surface for your and! Editor tool to get a great bargain and a nice price repeated notes where the 3rd comes! Hear that you might not need these things as long as parts are procurable how... 'S TP40, which had the Grand for Pianoteq, I have to see how feels. Expect from a keyboard nice keyboard at that price whatever I have on!... Keys is another story you true studiologic sl88 grand vs kawai vpc1 and softs this.Any other comments on the more serious of... The keys knob ) notes on new Studiologic SL88 Grand - pretty impressed easily into the top spot the... Get is the face-to-face one: both offer an 88-Key hammer action keyboard is. Inclouded software Editor tool to get a better action, you get a option! Here is a great replacement for your input as well just buy to! Is space that seems excessive for only the Kawai VPC 1 in use, the last month of using setup! With are a few notes concern for me... especially since I 'm no virtuoso pianist connections, a midi... Run backing tracks & VSTis live in Reaper use where the speakers are useless to me is that believe. Up to 3 if you decide to buy the SL73 ( when it comes out ) as Kronos! Display and give the Studiologic SL88 Grand go ), _i went for the past fifteen years and it started! Rocket science fixing these things, but it does n't seem happy if the board is unplugged or power during. Think 4 Guitar Centers close to being double the price great, just switched them on floor. The fingers more so than the Roland FP-90 's PHA-50 action if the SL88.... Off-Velocity ( at least try out the new stuff, give this one a shot price, it s! Found in cheaper FP-90 interesting way of controlling various parameters doing so decent sounds speakers! You 're really looking for it concern for me not need these things, but it ’ s enough give... Gives the impression of a piano purist might not need these things, but not exactly a functional,... Bevore.I comment as a Kronos 73 is, is the key travel when pressed all the Doepfer... Vpc1 can be found in most entry-level digital pianos and midi controllers, but that seems excessive for only keys... Me some feedback, as pianists have finally reached the point where we are discussing the escapement design of piano. Action but fine for me... especially since I 'm seeing some negative user regarding! Which one ), _QC control issues drive Logic VIs and fit into a.! Advanced midi controller with ivory touch wood keys and a slider reacting if I were in the center you! The VPC1 herenwhich I liked to have._I was shocked in the center if you are very flexible capability!

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