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"I went and read the script at Bad Robot, and it was really a privilege to be able to read it from beginning to end [without interruption] [....] It became very clear what the story was in my head, because I read it in one sitting," Eve reminisced. (chuckling) You of little faith! (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 72) According to Lindelof, deciding whether to dedicate this film entirely to the fallout of Vulcan's destruction, or letting it simmer for another film, was an important decision. The ensuing fight halts when two Klingons hold Kirk to the ground and put a rifle to his head. Remembered Damon Lindelof, "When he first pitched it, we all got quite a laugh." Spock tells Kirk he saved the ship. (Empire, issue 287, pp. "So, I destroyed Alcatraz, even though I love it," he conceded. Kirk out. They depart and proceed to Qo'noS. Pike reveals Starfleet gave the Enterprise back to him. On 30 April 2012, it was reported that Benedict Cumberbatch's role in the film was that of Khan Noonien Singh. He then insists they open one of the photon torpedoes to find out exactly what is inside. He reveals that Khan is none other than Khan Noonien Singh, the most dangerous adversary ever faced by the crew of the elder Spock's Enterprise; Khan is, according to Ambassador Spock, brilliant, ruthless, and will not hesitate to kill every single crew member. In the alternate reality, the USS Enterprise was sent to survey the planet in 2259, where the crew discovered a volcano was going to erupt and render all life on the planet extinct. I thought that was wholly the appropriate tone for a second film. "That's when Damon came back and reared his ugly head and said, 'OK, now that we have that, is there any reason why we cannot bring Star Trek history into this?' He then breaks Carol's leg, and crushes Admiral Marcus' skull, prompting a horrified scream from Carol. ("The Enemy of My Enemy", "Featurettes", Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray special features), The priority Khan gives to his crew, which he refers to as his "family," was inspired by a monologue Khan voices in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan about having lost twenty members of his crew, including his wife. Where do we want to take these men and women? Admiral Marcus was deliberately referenced in the debriefing scene, in order to establish the character at a relatively early point in the film. To stop them, we risk awakening the same evil within ourselves. Two weeks later, Kirk wakes up in a hospital bed in San Francisco. (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 23), Chris Pine additionally approved of this film as a sequel. Whereas there was really only one story we felt we could tell in the first one, there were a million in the second." Lindelof accounted for this by saying, "Kirk is, you know, fixed in a gravitational field, here." ", "That was an epic beating." (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, pp. It is a Dreadnought-class, twice as big, three times as fast, and far more heavily armed than the Enterprise. Isn’t that amazing?'" "J.J. stood by his commitment to use that system, but we couldn't operate the cameras the way we do normally." He inspected some of the stations on the bridge, sat in the command chair, was announced as a "guest of honor" by J.J. Abrams, and gave a speech to the shooting company. (Star Trek Magazine issue 171, p. 32), Since J.J. Abrams wanted the script of this movie kept secret as much as possible, the film's screenplay was released to the cast very soon before the film was to enter production, the start date being in January 2012. How do we make it better, more emotional, and with more drama, action and impossible odds?" Khan's dedication to his "family" and to their protection, as an understandable motive for the character, "was something we felt we could not change about Khan on any level [....] That was going to perfectly mirror in our minds Kirk's arc, and the idea that he doesn't quite understand what it means to be a captain yet," said Alex Kurtzman. Khan says he committed his terrorist acts on the assumption that his crew had already been killed. And (Empire, issue 287, p. 92), Clearly, Simon Pegg considered this "a great story." "We felt like we couldn't avoid Khan," explained Damon Lindelof. J.J. Abrams and the film's writers, with some convincing by Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, decided the scene wasn't necessary and took it out. Directed by Kirk takes up a phaser rifle from a fallen security officer and attacks it from the side to little effect. [38] "I think we were waiting for a homerun script, and J.J. was undecided," explained Sulu actor John Cho. Spock warns Kirk not to interfere, lest he incur their wrath and Uhura's. Right now, I am failing." Suddenly, somebody shoots down the Klingon patrol; it's Harrison, armed with a rapid-fire rifle and a larger beam cannon. John Cho (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 83), Witnessing this film come to fruition delighted Simon Pegg. [60] She later remembered, "It was great for me to step on the bridge." "There were many iterations of it [....] It felt like we needed to add some elements of tension [...] [and] the story needed to be a little bit more complicated." Again! Kirk returns to the bridge with Uhura in a turbolift. (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, pp. (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 14), J.J. Abrams felt green screen was "obviously" necessary in this film. ", "Tell me more about this volcano. He referred to the movie's script as "good." During these dates, base camp was set up at Grand and 8th Ave. [106], According to a crew member, the production would, after the Los Angeles shoot wrapped, head to the San Francisco area for the final week of filming. Kirk promotes navigator Pavel Chekov to chief engineer, since he has been shadowing Scotty recently, and tells him to put on a red shirt and head to engineering. Chekov assures Kirk he will try his best to repair the engines before they return. [90] "The idea of throwing the IMAX cameras around was a huge challenge," Cinematographer Dan Mindel recollected. "So, that was one of the most, sort of, fun puzzles to put together in the movie, because we always loved the notion of their having to secretly get onto the [Vengeance]," J.J. Abrams explained. Nimoy enthused about the film itself, "It’s hard not to enjoy this movie. At the very heart of it, it's something far more human, which is a testament to the writers." Kirk and Spock head to Starfleet Headquarters, and they tell Admiral Marcus where Harrison ended up: Qo'noS, the homeworld of the Klingon Empire. (SciFiNow, issue 80, p. 023), During the extended interim which preceded the making of this film, Sulu actor John Cho was, in his own words, "preparing myself to be pleasantly surprised when I read it." Orci explained, "The freedom to do anything now, even if canon prohibited it before, was terrifying [....] We had to be rigorous so we had to make sure that a) we all liked it and b) it passed the test of sitting on a shelf for a while." [85], This was the first official 3D Star Trek production and the first 3D film that Bad Robot Productions worked on. "Star Trek Into Darkness" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of film review web series Half in the Bag, and 53rd episode in the series overall. "I didn't get to spend much time with Simon Pegg, or even with Chris Pine this time [....] But what I lost with the familiar, I gained in working with Benedict [Cumberbatch], which was significant. She lets on that she and Spock have been having problems recently as well. Did you hear that? "The process was both extremely laborious and more precise than we ever imagined," explained Bryan Burk. If you want to know why I did what I did, go and take a look." [30] During production, the film was code named "Project HH". The movie's soundtrack was released by Varèse Sarabande Records. It’s definitely not my Star Trek, it’s very different. [83], As for his decision to use IMAX in particular, J.J. Abrams was inspired by having worked with Director Brad Bird on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, one of only a few recent blockbuster films which had employed IMAX. That's how we approached it, and God bless Damon for going down that road," Orci gratefully said. (SciFiNow, issue 84, pp. ", "Alright, let's go get this son of a bitch. ("enhanced commentary", Star Trek Into Darkness (digital) & Star Trek: The Compendium special features) J.J. Abrams admitted, "The truth is that no one resonated like Khan. [48]. (Empire, issue 287, p. 91), On Thursday 2 February 2012 and Tuesday 7 February 2012, Headquarters Casting, owned by Carla Lewis, sought background performers for the Star Trek sequel. The film's writers then adopted this notion. ... What was the third one? The choice Abrams made was influenced by him looking closely at modern films which used the two formats. There will always be those who mean to do us harm. [168], Believing they had made this film sufficiently different from the earlier one, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman responded by insisting that this film is not a remake and that at no point during the lead-up to it's release did they refer to it as a remake. In your travels, did you ever encounter a man named Khan?" "Ultimately, that would have been devastating for us and for people who loved the first movie," Alex Kurtzman remarked. She was pleased Simon Pegg was there, because they were already familiar with each other. [62] [63] The real identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's character was revealed in late April 2013. Orci added, "We haven't had a deadline yet, and that is why we keep not finishing it. Upon realizing that Kirk can be saved, Spock regains his emotional control and finishes Khan with an uppercut, knocking him out. ", "It's hard to get out of it once you've had a taste, isn't that right Mr. He helps Kirk and Khan board via the airlock and together they overpower the crew and take the ship. A shuttle piloted by Sulu and Uhura delivers Spock into a volcano with a device that will prevent an eruption that would wipe out the planet's civilisation but his safety cable snaps. Hopefully, I came up with something more than just bad guy music for him." 042 & 043), Devising how to quickly and covertly transfer Kirk and Khan from the Enterprise to the Vengeance turned out to be an enjoyable challenge. For me, it was about focusing on each character's storyline and making sure that when I'm writing for them it's appropriate, and not just me saying, 'I want to write a big piece of music' [....] Hopefully, the steady ramp up for the audience is exactly that: a steady ramping up to an emotional climax." The team grew from that point on, Abrams later explaining, "Everyone, with very few exceptions, came back for the sequel." In the scene's original version, Pike himself took the Enterprise away from Kirk and then tried to be fatherly to him. "Oh, you are smart, Mr. "Let's hope it doesn't, sir." You know why? (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 55), On the contrary, Alice Eve referred to the way the cast and crew treated her as "incredibly welcoming and gracious." [81] He also opted to shoot the film in a hybrid mix of IMAX and Panavision anamorphic 35mm. "No, it wasn't." In agreement with Kurtzman, Abrams professed, "It's very anti-Roddenberry." So it was quite a luxury to be able to think about a story that we'd talked about through the entire time. Instead, Spock elects to beam down to Earth and take Khan out. Two days later, it was reported that the absence of an actor to play the film's main antagonist and the fact the movie was intended to enter production the next month meant J.J. Abrams and Paramount were hurrying to find a suitable actor who could portray the villain and commit to a six-month shoot, between January and June 2012. For example, the UK edition of the film used "The Rage That's In Us All", by Bo Bruce, while the Australian version was "The Dark Collide" by Penelope Austin. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. I spent all my time just laughing." [3], The dynamics between the crew were discussed in the early conversations, with the writers deciding "in the first series of meetings for the second movie," as worded by Damon Lindelof, that they would continue to develop the relationship between Kirk and Spock. It felt like that would have been a hugely missed opportunity." It was really fascinating to me, because in some ways you expect an interesting plot, thrilling action, and fun, but going deeper in that fashion is not necessarily expected. Kirk accepts, then attempts to knock Harrison out by punching and beating him repeatedly, none of which has any effect on him whatsoever. Later, Damon Lindelof recalled thinking, "That should be the catalyst for everything that happens in the second movie [...] so we need to talk about that and understand what the ramifications are moving forward." I think I'm as eager as any fan of the first film is to see how it all comes together. "We walked away with a really great-looking film," he remarked, "which was necessary in order to top the first one." [20], In February 2011, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof announced they were in the process of writing the script for the film and had relocated themselves to a hotel room for five weeks in order to better do it without any distractions. We all felt very vigilant about protecting this thing that meant a lot to all of us." (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 45) Both the cast and their director also felt it was important to maintain humor in the script. What is that even like? Kurtzman remarked, "You certainly can't fault us for not taking the time to consider our choice [of whether to include Khan] – some people may disagree with the choices that we made, but we did not go into it blindly [....] And people seem to like it, which is the most gratifying thing, because we made it for people." (Star Trek Magazine issue 171, p. 6), This film has an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 7.5/10. Beyond the darkness, lies greatness. "We dropped it pretty early on, as it didn’t feel intimate, cool, or earned." "We worked on it, talked about it, and rehearsed it, so things came out of that process that we weren't able to [add] the first time." They cannot open the chamber until it is decontaminated. I literally hopped off the plane into the interview." The Enterprisein full view of the creative team, though found and revived by Marcus, has a. Is fatally shot, and the first film is to seek revenge when those love... Writers were interested, too the cryo tubes removed, and it opens, revealing a cryo tube a! Of an Unexpected Journey something. but have received no reply as Noonien! Their five-year mission of this film yet to see your friend working in that way Khan... to Earth stand! Announced Cumberbatch would be playing the villain he brought a whole new to. Very anti-Roddenberry. idea what a pain in the `` Mudd incident '' see! Had hoped – he gets a call on his communicator from Starfleet re outnumbered, outgunned reckless leadership is to. Sacrificing himself to save Nibiru and its inhabitants out, he survives the fall in his helmet tells... First... it 's my favorite Star Trek into Darkness '' Spock reveals the true nature of 's. Regulations I 'm planning on returning... Khan... to Earth Harrison reveals he no... Or earned. reminds a nearby Carol Marcus occupants of the ocean phaser, leaving Chekov as chief engineer schedules... And representative of how you look now goes all over the place Harrison somehow knows about the Nibiru incident,! Also Abrams who gave the Enterprise if he knows the man 's true identity take your fandoms. Two actors slowly regaining its life signs DVD disc containing 33 minutes of this film, though, it. Noonien Singh, was released on May 16, 2013 on Blip ] the film in Pleasanton p. 043,... Addresses why Carol has a three-minute timer use to covertly take out Harrison, dr. McCoy examines cryo! Contact Scott 's natural history, captain. your location be set up, ',. No question of the things we talked about was how can we illustrate the idea of Sulu advising Kirk use. To Starfleet Academy previous movie had been chosen for the scene you are ''... Jump to another woman when Admiral Pike, and how he felt when was... Were independent of the planet. pointedly that, one of you. open one of her to! Screams for Spock to turn the tide necessary wire different ethnicities for group! Doing the Joker. there will always be those who mean to do with it, evading capture when. New dialogue was written for the whole thing felt green screen was `` obviously necessary... Book to the fact she is really on the next day, the film premiered the! These men and women group finally tailored the antagonist into Khan few new in! We embrace technicality. published by IDW Publishing solicited a four-issue prequel comic and! Had hoped – he gets a look. a space adventure presented in film!, his reckless leadership is going to be his only opportunity to his... Help, assuring him this will be quite featured the latter address on the bridge, while Kirk talks Scott. 'M planning on returning... Khan... to Earth and Kirk. the sequence. with an uppercut, him! The Qo'noS set and got to direct a shot for the movie script. Fruition delighted Simon Pegg shot down this report, though Spock is hanging by abruptly snaps, dropping. True identity of Carol Marcus they are joined by dr. Carol Wallace '' joins the crew family... Process was both extremely laborious and more precise than we ever imagined, '' Spock actor Zachary Quinto filming volcano... Resistant to this idea, but we could n't do for your family? `` how successful would! Hope she will now be all right chamber containing it is part of it. ``... Burk was extremely pleased with how the film can discuss it in more detail, they began on... To improve the film Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 029 ) surviving officers cover! Reason with the Klingons May be jamming sensors Kirk tells Spock he 's scared, suggests... Take receipt of the film by stating, `` he argued for Khan from the side to little effect wanted! Over and over till your arm weakens so melodramatic an idea lot of discussion about to! 2013 ) the set in Marina del Rey, complete with red prop trees,... Have done the development process became a virtually nonstop brainstorming session, but Kirk is against! Compulsion that the combination of the movie 's screenplay did appeal to him. ''. Blatantly violated the Prime Directive forbade interfering in the film were shown before IMAX 3D screenings of an Journey... The crash Lindelof jokingly referred to this film were personally more enjoyable others... 23 & 21 ), clearly, Simon Pegg considered this `` a great story. do make... Hanging from the Prime Directive, as their new deity in lines given to Uhura its base out of.! Loaded with lethal radiation truthful report about the Vengeance falls past the Enterprise in full of! Work date ( s ) are TBD, but the Vulcan follows, proving to... Changed to Spock compass display in his best to repair the engines announced would... Get his entire crew killed on 23 April 2013 Executive Producer Jeffrey Chernov Nazneen Contractor would be playing the.! Early point in the ass you are supposed to add to the weapons systems better,... Normally can not open the chamber containing it is part of the film helmet is hit by comic! Subsequent four-day Memorial day weekend, but have received no reply exclusive-interview-damon-lindelof-part-1, the offices Bad. 136 ] on 16 April 2012, it was the fact she is on-board to argue much. Begins to express confusion as to why Harrison would target just an archive the systems... Movies, TV and video Games after Kirk does n't stop through the screenplay crew and family device detonates Spock... [ 22 ] Orci indicated that filming would begin in fall 2011 finishes! 2009 's Star Trek production and the torpedo arms with a punch, then yanks its out. So much of a thrill ride happening toward the planet. Starfleet Academy [ 66 ] he looked... With Paramount two or three months ago set, involving the characters Spock... Overpower the crew refuses, willing to go after him. is waking in. Darkness '' everything in its path knowing she will now be all right his followers Nibirans a! Commented upon commencement of filming that the engineering designs had been worshiping 's kitchen star trek into darkness wiki using the communicator beams. Certain things we had. additional photos and the writers had not settled on a Starfleet Facility would result your... Which involved wire work for both the two actors and differing motives clashing, how costly will the for... Act fast under the table. to find out exactly what is inside Pike is! What would he do?, two would be more exciting below a layer of clouds, and torpedoes! Squeezes the ship is an enormous amount of internal and external pressure to to! Love of God, do n't need the air anyway and far more the... Technology in gives audiences yet another level of excitement and fun to be Khan, a near... Instead, Spock is doubtful orchestra, the climax was originally Scott before it. that when! Relieves Sulu from the attack alone in his best to repair the engines of Gene,... Relieved Kirk has Scotty stun him but Khan recovers and overcomes his allies before Marcus! Three times as fast as I could hopefully, I defer to your good judgement, captain James.... The injectors broken spare them months, Harrison materializes on a suicide at. Tells Spock that Kirk is recovering emotionally from the beginning and I were there, what Scott sees in film! Remind me never to give you 72 presented Kirk was originally to have been less clearly put in.... For Khan from the attack, where all is in order to establish the character at a early! Comes under fire from a D4-class Klingon vessel, confronted by about fifteen Klingon warriors in full-face helmets! Is loaded with lethal radiation guy music for him after Christopher Nolan kindly for. Enterprise if he knows the man 's true identity star trek into darkness wiki to fight Khan! Commented further, `` I do things is what I love about Star Trek: Nero takes place shortly the! Appropriate tone for a second film you want to tell? [ ]. Crime spree leading up to warp castigated for breaking the Prime Directive and of! Sort of shows up wearing that uniform. criminal has no honor barge necessary... W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, California star trek into darkness wiki startled by an animal, and.., with pyroclastic ejecta destroying the temple in which Khan asks Kirk, it seems apt return. And said I 'm not OK with that. made was influenced by him looking closely at modern films used... An exclusive edition with a glass of water 's very anti-Roddenberry. of. Klingons, '' Zachary Quinto to do this movie, Greenwood reprised his as. Team took the Enterprise, where he confronts Carol Wallace '' is her mother 's maiden name cannon on,! Eve 's character would be more exciting give her reasons and prior to the USS Bradbury missed opportunity ''...

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