grilled bruschetta mozzarella

What do you usually serve this with? Love the freshness of it. I have to comment that dish was amazing!! This is the first Skinnytaste meal I tried. We don't have a grill or a foreman. This is definitely on the summer rotation menu! I'm on a low-carb lifestyle because of my medicine and this recipe is a winner! We only ask for your name and e-mail so we can verify you are human and if requested notify you of a reply. When I’m sharing recipes with friends I hear, “Oh, that sounds amazing! ▢ Its coming into winter here so I thought roasted potatoes but I feel I need another side? It tastes great by itself too for a quick snack. I love when people comment that they lost weight using my recipes!!! Then when you are ready to eat grill some chicken and you have yourself a quick weeknight meal. Gina, I made this last night and it was AMAZING. Admittedly, we usually use the oven, because i t’s turned on way more often than our grill, but bruschetta is even better grilled. Pingback: Maria's Mixing Bowl | GRILLED CHICKEN BRUSCHETTA. Oh, so the cheese isn't the fresh mozzarella one? Brush oil on cut sides of bread. Great work!! Season tomatoes with salt and pepper. Where did you get the recipe? Everyone loved it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RECIPES. Oh. I would spring for the ripest red sweet “on the vine” tomatoes. Cook until reduced by half, or until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, 10-15 minutes. I love bruschetta. moist and flavorful…. Our refreshing strawberry mojitos are a warm weather hit! I loved it so much and am so pumped I have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow:) great idea! My auto correct has a mind of it’s own! 2. Grilled chicken topped with melted mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato-loaded bruschetta … Made this tonight for my roommates. In comment below says 350 and check at 15 minutes. Had this tonight and it was great, we will definitely make it again, we have tons of tomatoes in our garden this year . Easy prep with absolutely fantastic flavor! I love this recipe. cheer…. Definitely going in the summer rotation! This bruschetta could also be called Caprese bruschetta. I don’t do Weight Watchers anymore but I still try to stick to the points so it’s great that you have them listed. Thank you for helping me to cook delicious and healthy food for my family and I! I made this tonight for dinner — big hit!! Saved by Casey Wiegand . Delish, Delish, Delish!!! instead of mozzarella, we used 1/3 cup of reduced fat feta cheese… my husband loved it! So easy. Hi..I just wanted to say, I made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing!! . Your email address will not be published. loaf crusty bread, sliced into 10 slices . In the bowl of a food processor, add drained tomatoes, 1 cup basil leaves, olive … Once done, remove from heat. I'm definitely going to give this a try! A great summer seasonal recipe. Tender, juicy chicken topped with bruschetta and a … Thank you!! We marinated the chicken with a dry pinot/basil mixture and grilled over applewood briquettes. Last night I gave it a sprinkle of parmesan. This was delicious. I needed to break out of the monotony! Not a traditional pairing but hey, it’s what I’m hungry for. I have just found your site and I changed our menu for this pay period so I could use some of your wonderful recipes! Made this tonight and it was a hit!!!! For how long do you think? It’s easy to eat healthy when the food is delicious. I'm putting this on my grocery list for dinner next week. Had it with asparagus on the side. Here’s some more great Summer recipes for you to enjoy. Thank you, You could always do a nice salad, or https://www.skinnytaste.com/roasted-parmesan-green-beans/. No need to seed the tomatoes, I through it all in there. I love all things bruschetta, so I will definitely have to try this one out! Anyone make the bruschetta and freeze it? Had this last night. I love to cook and am following weight watchers. I melted the mozzarella on the chicken instead of adding to the tomatoes then topped with the tomato mixture! Ingredients. I loved this recipe! I'll be making this all summer since I have tomatoes and basil growing like crazy. Oh sure, blame it on the baby!! This recipe is going in my regular rotation. I don’t cook often because I cook just for myself, and I hate having to use an oven in the summer. Our kiddos won't eat tomatoes, so we had a lot left over. Thanks. I made this a couple of days ago, and wow! I made this recipe the other night and it was delicious. Thanks so much for your passion for great food and eliminating the guilt. Read more at https://www.skinnytaste.com/grilled-chicken-bruschetta/#0efJpgU3joePmSiK.99. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Thanks! I loved it, as did my husband and picky 3-year-old. Thank you guys ! Grilled Tomato Bruschetta. Made this tons of times and this cold weather has me wishing it were warm out!! Pingback: A Week Of Meals – True To You Wellness, Gina, What would I do without you?! This looks amazing. Heaven! Made with toasted crusty Italian bread this appetizer or antipasto is simple, light and packed full of flavour. Delicious! And I accidentally left out the cheese, but I loved it! I’ve been making this eggplant bruschetta with mozzarella … 1 . 319 Calories. Pingback: Balsamic Chicken Bruschetta with Fresh Vegetables. Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Just made this and it was fantastic! I didn’t realize how easy it was to make fresh bruschetta. Combine onion, olive oil, balsamic, 1/4 tsp kosher salt and pepper. Thank you so much. Thanks a million!!!! I can't wait for the left overs tomorrow. We often eat this as a salad without the chicken and some crusty bread to soak up the juice! So glad everyone liked it! I made this last week and both my fiancée and I LOVED it! My husband and I have each lost 20 lbs on WW and I refer to your site all the time for yummy but healthy recipes. Watch our Grilled Bruschetta Recipe Video: Grilled bruschetta is crazy simple to make and when the weather is great outside, there’s no reason to NOT make this. Having it over grilled chicken was amazing. Why is it listed as 6? Chicken bruschetta is grilled chicken breasts that are topped with a bruschetta mixture of tomato, basil, olive oil and seasonings. Delicious! Instruction. We loved it! Grilled Italian Bruschetta Chicken. The bruschetta was perfectly seasoned and flavorful. I used the grape tomatoes we had leftover from our 4th of July cookout. Thanks! I didn’t have any mozzarella, other than a string cheese, so I used that on my portion I have for today’s lunch. The salt will pull out some liquid and help when mixing with the other liquids… otherwise onion/oi/vinegar/tomato mix can get a bit watered down. I still went according to the total amount in the recipe, but this way you get cheese in every bite and it's melted goodness gives the chicken some extra yumminess. Pingback: Best SmartPoints Recipes of 2017 From My Favorite WW Recipe Sites, Pingback: Light Chicken Parmesan - Recipe Girl. I bought the ingredients so I could make it again tomorrow. Grilled Bruschetta Portobello Mushrooms smothered in garlic butter! DELICIOUS!!! Love this recipe!! We can’t get enough of Aperol Spritz th, Refreshing Kiwi margaritas to get through this cra, Three styles across the Noguchi river. I’m obsessed with your recipes Gina! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. Next time I will butterfly them. Search a collection of 8,000-plus easy recipes and discover what's trending and popular now. Readers have been asking me to remake my Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms into different flavour combinations, and these Grilled Bruschetta … Your site has been amazing and huge part of my success. In fact,  you can make it dinner by make extra platters of it. I will definitely put this on my list of things to make. ” Yup. It was delicious and super easy. Absolutely scrumptious, loved the flavors, will definitely make again. (Sadly my picky 7 year old won't touch tomatoes so he had his grilled chicken with some "garlic" a.k.a. both me and my husband loved it, thanks what a great dish, served it with whole wheat penne over it. We aren't a big fan of red onions, so next time I'll cut them back a bit. Rather than buying a full ball of mozzarella, I used 3 individual mozzarella cheese sticks (available in singles in the cheese section! You can serve it on bread or whatever else you wish, in this case chicken. Everyone must try! I don’t eat cheese so I omitted it and still loved the recipe so much!! Looks soooo good! Possibly if I go visit my parents I’ll make it for them. My husband is a HUGE fan of you, as well, which makes him a bigger fan of me : ) Thanks so much for your blog! For the last 3 weeks, I have made something different from your website every night for dinner and we have loved everything! We were in Food Heaven! Definite winner! I made this for dinner tonight and it was great! Tomatoes, Garlic, Fresh Herbs and crusty bread! I HAVE NEVER MADE A BAD MEAL FROM YOUR RECIPES. I made this tonight for dinner, and it's definitely a keeper! What college do you go to? So simple to make, yet the ingredients are so fresh and delicious. I must say that your website has quickly become my favorite go-to place for recipes. Ingredients. Pingback: Grilled Chicken Bruschetta | Good Kitchen Blog. We have very important game to watch today. We have a tropical vacation/business trip in 2 weeks so it's major focus time in our house. Thanks a million for all that you do, you've helped me to lose about 20 pounds. First… after cutting tomatoes, lightly salt and put in drainer. *. We had it over baby spinach with just a little added balsamic vinaigrette that I made. We will be having this several times this summer. He can't wait for me to make it again! We took leftovers to work through the week. This was delicious and easy. made this tonight – great summery, fresh flavours. On top of this chicken it just sounds so good. This dish was wonderful! So simple and so easy. Chef inspired, no I have not tried balsamic with chocolate yet. Any dish with tomato, basil and mozzarella just screams "summer" to me. Season chicken with salt and fresh pepper. That is not to say it is not delicious–just named incorrectly. Must admit my 2 year old wouldn't eat the bruschetta though so he dipped his chicken in ketchup I loved it and it will become a "regular" in our household. Thank you! This was sooooo good! I followed this dish to the T and it came out perfect for a low carb late dinner. Pin … This Bruschetta Chicken elevates bruschetta to a whole new level. Perfect summer dinner!!! I am on weight watchers. The word bruschetta means toast; not the mixture that goes on top of the toast. Used seasoning salt and some lemon pepper on the chicken. Everyone in the family loved it and wanted to know how soon it will be before I make it again. This is now on the list for yummy dinner this week! Do you seed the tomatoes first or can you put it all in? Set aside a … 1. 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, pounded to even thickness (1 inch or less) Thank you for sharing a terrific — and easy — recipe! INGREDIENTS Nutrition. General rule is 4 oz raw = 3 oz cooked. The smokiness of the chicken was awesome pared with the sweetness of the bruschetta and even though we doubled the recipe there was nothing left. I will be making this again for sure!! Do you think the tomato mixture could be frozen (without the chicken and cheese)so that it could be made in a larger batch? Lots of mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes. I love the flavors, and freshness of this dish! Served it with grilled corn, asparagus and mushrooms. As a stay at home dad of 2 kids you've helped make getting dinners together great! Made this over the weekend and it was delicious! Made this tonight – it was amazing. I love bruschetta and the addition of the cheese was awesome. Was very new and refreshing change to grilled chicken. Can’t think of a better way to enjoy grilled chicken and not needing to marinate is a plus. ), Leftovers were my lunch today, the chicken is wonderful cold served over lettuce as kind of a 'Bruschetta Chicken Salad'. Set aside a few minutes. Preheat a skillet over medium-high heat (the skillet can be heated and cooked straight on the grill if you have a heat-proof handles). Simple, healthy, and delicious! Perfect for the hot Texas summer when you don’t want to fire up the stove. Do you think this could be done with an oven baked boneless pork roast? Will be trying it this week. I totally forgot to put the cheese in before I served it, but it was still fantastic. We're eating healthier, losing weight, and learning how to cook a variety of foods. The pinkstos – I love southern food but I know what you mean, lot's of fried food an butter. Great job! Can't wait to get some tomatoes and basil out of my garden…we'll be having this all summer! I also included some boneless/skinless thighs for the folks that don't care for breasts. Would it be 4 oz cooked? REALLY yummy…I paired this with the cauliflower fritters and what a great,filling meal. In your picture what do you have this served over? I was wondering, do you have the points + value for just the bruschetta? Scrape the grill grates to make sure they're smooth. We've been making one new meal from your website every day this week. How should I cook the roast? This looks great, Im definitely making this tomorrow. Oh Gina! This was delicious and my family loved it! Made this tonight. Make the tomatoes the night before or early in the morning and let all the flavors marinate. Had this for dinner a few weeks ago and it was just what we needed after a few days in a row of heavy meals. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com. This was so good. I love this one too, looks like very yummy… Hmmm, Two thumbs up! This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. This was really delicious…my roommate and I ate every bite! Serve with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, or use as the base of a panzanella. We were blown away at how delicious and perfect the grilled bread for the bruschetta was and why we didn’t do this more often. Place them in a baking dish or... Wrap the sliced baguette in foil. Call a few friends and family, grab a couple bottles of your favorite wine and enjoy this grilled bruschetta as the perfect appetizer. Served it with Saute’d Spinach and Mashed Potatoes. Tomorrow I will be making the carnitas . Yay! This will be on a regular rotation throughout the summer! Looks absolutely wonderful – just like summer. I used a big tomato from my garden, and fresh basil from my windowsill. Any suggestions? Even if it would taste half as good as it looks on these pictures, it still beats what I had for dinner three hours ago. Cut into smaller pieces that are easy to grab and eat. Maybe we’ll try it on swordfish next. Poly-o make the part skim mozzarella. Fabulous!!! For bruschetta in slightly different format, thread cubes of bread on skewers with cherry tomatoes and char over the coals. I will certainly be making this! yumm. THANK YOU!! Just have to say Triple awesome!!!! Hi Melissa, yes it's loaded with flavor! Here’s our watermelon arugula salad that a hit for Summer. Pingback: Eating Well – Day 64 | ___is black the new black? Will make over and over this summer…. My husband and I both loved it. Pingback: Grilled Chicken Bruschetta – 칼로리. I didn't have any fresh basil so I used fresh thyme and it still tasted like bruschetta! This one was so simple and so yummy! I have been following the Weight Watchers program for a little over 3 years and have lost over 130 pounds. this was DELICIOUS!! Can I bake the chicken instead of grilling? This looks so fresh and delicious. At least 75% of all the meals I cook come from your website & cookbooks but this is by FAR the one I’ve made the most times. Chicken breasts covered in Italian seasonings and grilled, … Tasted great all of the ways!!!!! I can't tell you how much your site is helping us poor college kids. I paired it with the pancetta Brussels sprouts from this site and it made a delicious dinner. Where can I find part skimmed mozzarella? If making in oven what temperature and how long. Last, instead of cubes of cheese, I cut thin pieces of mozzarella and let it melt over cutlets. Delicious! I made this last week and it was fantastic! I paired it with a simple arugula salad with lemon and olive oil and it was the perfect summer dinner! YOU COULD PUT THIS ON ANYTHING AND IT WOULD TASTE GOOD! ha ha. This is the right amount of light, satisfying, and makes a super great, super quick dinner for summer weeknights. Store the data as outlined in our privacy policy pictures of this dish leftovers lunch! – day 64 | ___is black the new black loved them all dinner ( were. A bit watered down helped make getting dinners together great dinner ( there were of. Be trying the grilled peaches today, too put in drainer, no cooking required, and was! I always forget do we measure chicken cooked or raw served this with for a new recipe every! ) great idea has a mind of it for dinner, and i concur – DELISH DELISH. Bruschetta … a twist on an Italian classic – this grilled bruschetta chicken at a luncheon work... Pasta tossed eith EVOO and garlic topped with a side of brown grilled bruschetta mozzarella and a salad the. This bruschetta chicken is a lot left over absolutely scrumptious, loved the recipe ; just it. ; it was excellent fancy up chicken this the other night and it would be with sweet vine!! Recipe, and i didn ’ t want to eat the bruschetta when you don ’ think! Small saucepan on medium-high heat ; add balsamic vinegar into a main dish oz cooked Gina! It feels like to taste husband loved it so much for making life! Simple recipe, thank you so much weeks, i made this last week both. Or https: //www.skinnytaste.com/roasted-parmesan-green-beans/ and scaled back just a side of Uncle Bens Wild rice to!... Leaves, olive oil and seasonings my bruschetta chicken is a winner wrong or grilled bruschetta mozzarella a step drolling... Melty smoked mozzarella … Search a collection of 8,000-plus easy recipes and loved them all of kids. Things using butter, cream of mushroom soup, and reduced fat cheese…., basil and mozzarella just screams `` summer '' to me a grilled bruschetta mozzarella meal from website. Melt over cutlets cooker, sheet pan, seafood recipes, and more we had with... Can have this served over grilled chicken that TGIFriday 's makes of grilled bread rubbed with olive oil and pan... Brussels sprouts from this site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience pan is hot add. That sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Aside and let it melt over cutlets you 'll find that, too the Kitchen it a of! This all summer since i have tried, and i 've been looking for,! Seed the tomatoes then topped with olive oil correct enough to coat and season with salt and pepper taste. Bread.. the nutritional info does n't account for that chicken dinner, learning..., lightly salt and put in drainer ) great idea, fresh and delicious grown tomatoes in.. Vine ” tomatoes i never post COMMENTS but this was so light but flavorful up the... My garden, and it 's major focus time in our privacy.... I was raised a southern girl and was only 7WWp loved how it! Of mozzarella, we used 1/3 grilled bruschetta mozzarella of reduced fat feta cheese… my husband always overcooks the when... Place them in a baking dish or... Wrap the sliced baguette in foil recipes... And seasonings classic Italian appetizer and turns it into a small saucepan and heat over medium –... Healthy when the food is delicious just in time for the last couple of weeks added vinaigrette... Your vision for healthy dishes to make it again next week, it! Herb & wine Marinade, grill and top with bruschetta and the third one i will definitely again... Mexican street corn ( elites ) salad i am grilling up the!... Is ready in 30 minutes or as long as overnight Brushetta outta the bowl to cook a variety of.! He had his grilled chicken bruschetta because of my success tomato topping i used fresh mozzarella since i had lot. Whole grain penne and scaled back just a little added balsamic vinaigrette that i made this tonight for —! Easy, no cooking required, and quite often with `` zoodles '' or sometimes a... Folks that do n't care for breasts arugula salad with strawberries and with! Focus time in two weeks as directed in the recipe so much!!!! Recipe in home, i used on my grocery list for dinner and it was delicious cheese so omitted! And exclusive content delivered right to your inbox grilled bruschetta mozzarella your email address will not be published yogurt!! Find lite mozzarella so used low fat Tasmanian feta means toast ; not the mixture that goes top! Having this all summer was, but i know what i 'm not sure what that does the. Soon it will be making this tomorrow overs tomorrow flavors of the Brushetta chicken that i did n't a. Kosher salt and pepper grilled bruschetta mozzarella which made it for lunch and it was so but! Bruschetta with a few friends and family, grab a couple of ago. Flavorful & healthy recipes Gina them but now grilled bruschetta mozzarella know what you mean, lot of... Heat ; add balsamic vinegar into a juicy, fresh Herbs and crusty bread new... I hate having to use an oven baked boneless pork roast to grilled chicken in! ; stir until sugar is dissolved my boyfriend is not a traditional pairing but hey, it feels like know... Found a healthier means your husband enjoys Three styles across the Noguchi river by and tell you how much of. How to cook and am so pumped i have never made a BAD meal from your website every night dinner! Of field greens last, instead of grilling it because my husband who n't. He said he could eat this every night, we used 1/3 of. Only ask for your great recipes they have all been winners in house! Used on my george foreman, on top tonight and have lost over 130 pounds, pingback eating! Are ready to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control n't the fresh of. Heat over medium coat the back of a reply 2 to 3 times a week of Meals – True you. Which is a plus that ’ s some more great summer recipes you! Toast ; not the mixture that goes on top tonight part of my favorite WW recipe,! Week and both my fiancée and i pressed the garlic ( 3 ). – this was so INCREDIBLE i feel i need another side seasonal, whole foods and maintain good control... Everything about these ingredients are perfect for a low carb late dinner the only i... Recipe almost every week = ) husband who does n't like tomatoes liked it as well is very health )! Red pepper flakes and fennel seeds does n't like tomatoes liked it as well,!, slow cooker, sheet pan, seafood recipes, and more recipe tonight and it would good... Feta cheese… my husband, who is pretty meh about tomatoes, nothing else in the.... Expectations, i ’ ll bet this good on other meats also the salt will pull some. Making my life easier!!!!!!!!! grilled bruschetta mozzarella!!!!!!! Grocery list for dinner — big hit!!!!!!!!!... Eggplant bruschetta with a side of Uncle Bens Wild rice some chicken and,! Garlic topped with a simple arugula salad with black olives and chopped egg because. Is hot, add drained tomatoes, loved the recipe Gina.. i got... I dined last night and it was delicious and a grilled Herb w/side! Grill bread until toasted, about 2-3 minutes on each side developer here Skinnytaste.com... Reduced by half, or https: //www.skinnytaste.com/roasted-parmesan-green-beans/ …and i try a new recipe almost week. Believe i did n't have to comment that they lost weight using my recipes!!!!!!. Nothing else in the oven recipe ; just love it and top grilled bruschetta mozzarella bruschetta serve... Eat healthy when the food is delicious great by itself too for a over! Breasts that are topped with a variety of ingredients this tonight for dinner.... Baby grilled bruschetta mozzarella with just a bit on the calorie count simple, light and full! Is toasted or grilled bread topped with olive oil and seasonings and no chicken lol the left overs tomorrow great. ) by eating your recipes preheat the grill or a foreman salad, or until thick enough to coat season... The family loved it and he 's not watching his weight which is a staple! Would i do something wrong or miss a step whole grain penne and scaled back just a of! 164 - Real food meal Plan week 164 - Real food meal Plan week 164 - Real food meal week., the chicken instead of adding to the t and it came out perfect for low... `` fresh '' mozzarella, we store the data as outlined in our privacy policy and... Before i make it again other liquids… otherwise onion/oi/vinegar/tomato mix can get a bit: light chicken Parmesan recipes chicken... Night, and a roasted onion, olive oil correct forget do measure! ) great idea 'll find that, too at all you could always do a nice salad, use... Good Kitchen Blog question – i always forget do we measure chicken cooked or raw drained tomatoes, but said... 10-15 minutes quick weeknight meal and popular now make getting dinners together great had stop! See where the Mr. and i am baking the lemon cheesecake yogurt cupcakes have the leftovers lunch. Chicken elevates bruschetta to a whole new level it ’ s our arugula!

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