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Home; ModPacks; Search for: MaxVD in 9.16 WG released a vanilla one and i see no use for this mod anylonger so i would appreciated if someone helped me out in reconfiguring the mod… thank you all! Same issue with a 4K screen on the hit log and the light-bulbs on the opposing team panel. Text for damage (done) is tiny Can you make a mod that wont load the gun until a button is pressed? I thought it was only me. i didnt use any other Mod!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the “show package contents” when you right click on the WoT icon, those are not the right folders. To get rid of sync discount delete lobby from the mod. But the qb mod dont work…. after loading this mod my cannon sound is gone, i shot but it is like silenced ? “updateEvent”: “ON_DAMAGE_CAUSED”, cant see the error so now reinstalling WoT fully – hesitant to download this mod again but found it really useful in the past. I installed it liked said, but the modpack wouldn’t work. Whatever they did to NA Thursday (small update), it broke something. Correction for the last steps: delete the entire contents of res_mods/config, including xvm folder and replace it with the entire contents of the same folder in Quickybaby’s modpack in order to get the config for the damage panel mod. so is it a known issue , Thanks QB, for the mod pack, love it! Search mods... Mod description: English. thx. You can go though life using the anonymity of the Internet to be as rudely “outspoken” as you want if you like but, I guarantee you it won’t get you very far in the real world. Is this something anyone here could help me with? Live chat and friendly support available 24/7! then what about win% on their current tank instead of general win%. I have followed the instructions but it doesn’t work…? I can load and go into battle. If You know any solo’s-like modpack without cheats and/or flashy stuff on the HUD, please, share knowledge. The default value in the pack is H:N:S, which means it uses day of week instead of minutes . awesome did I say awesome. Anyone know why? I also can’t join platoons since 9.15.1 and was wondering how to fix this? you would need to: Hey you just need to edit where things are in relation to new pixel dimensions. Also you will see a full review of the new tanks and tanks of the French branch. Mods are posted by the creator to EU, NA, RU, Asia, and other WoT server forums, or to websites specializing in serving up pc gaming Mods, and are available there for download. Don’t worry about a virus- I took the risk and downloaded it. No data pops up. If you guys don’t like it.. make your own.. no one cares to read your negative bullshit comments.. I find your mod useful and enhances my enjoyment of the game. Only the gun beam is gone. https://www.aoaue.com/world-of-tanks-na-power/ In 9.14 you could zoom out pretty far in 3rd person, but in 9.15 it seems to only zoom out to standart setting, is that a bug or have you removed that feature? Required fields are marked *. “clanIcon”: { “alpha”: 90, “h”: 16, “show”: true, “w”: 16, “x”: 0, “xr”: 0, “y”: 6, “yr”: 6 }, Hello QuickyBaby. Thanks for turning around the new Euro 2016 modpack so quickly – appreciate it. Please, fix. If you don’t like it don’t use it, simple as that. That’s all. It needs to be its own folder that for me at least was named World_of_Tanks. Quite annoying if your TD is trying to hit a tank while hiding behind bush (ofcourse I kemp bush, I play TDs almost exclusively). In lots of mission is a dealt damage a goal, so i just need that one. Thanks ! Do you really need tutorial on how to edit few text files? also make sure you move the files from the zip that are in the folder 0.9.14 into the folder res_mods/, update not that most people will scroll this far down. You can earn additional $$$ easily, search on youtube for: how to earn selling Official World of Tanks mod portal. Its simple Quick, and has all your latest (BASIC) mods. Maybe because of the sound patch? Dont see healt bar and %, name of veicles and name of player. Button there with no label and it wont work. Please try: I have lost my tanks in my garage and can only access through the Techtree. in game battle timer won’t disappear, in game time wont run, players panel is gone, mini map is gone. follow the instructions in the intro vid, dont just download it an hope for the best, and you cant go wrong, it gives me all the info i need to play the game…maybe a little better..lol, Hi, i really like you`re mod…but….u missed some details on the minimap like…. C’mon, QB put effort WITHOUT having tutorial in English. This is the only mod I’m using and after disabling it, everything works normal, though I miss it, it’s everything I need and find useful. June 12, 2016 at 10:43 am Tried repairing the game & reinstalling, But issue still remains the same. Everything seems to work fine except on load up im not seeing any player stats. OK. Now it works with 9.20.1. I have problem with indicators for spotted/unspotted/hidden ? Why it's made so? did i forget something? Of course I would rather have stats based on last 1000 battles or so and other minor things. So, qb, work to do , hello, good one, maybe u can put in the thing that make u see tanks in 2 rows, easier to find tank u want if u have more then 30 all in all good mod. file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/scripts/client/gui/mods/mod_.pyc The Quickbaby “It’s a Trap” works in-game, so I have installed it correctly as it’s running. I copy these files and folders into good places but in garage the game is refressing veichles permanetly. Not working. retired DND Captain armoured and comms playin with toys now. “neverSeen”: “*”, World of Tanks has an incredible and diverse community, with seemingly infinite degrees of creativity stemming from all corners of the globe. Tried that, no luck… we’ll just have to wait for a v2 to come around. 9.15.1 v1 doesn’t work with me either. Love the QuickyBaby mod pack . hello. I know I dont. , I personally hate auto aim because it is SO inaccurate (unless you are right next to them! !good job qb!! That programoffered by the siAgemazingtbs.infoeivAs complete information about its scientificexplanation on how to eliminate about its scientificcrazy types of body workouts and ofcourse, themindset tricks that you’ll need in order to maintainthe perfect body for long term.. How great it is tohave tried this program..:)), Hell yeah, quickfinger really has quick fingers. If someone could please help me out it would be much appreciated Tanks guys!! DUMBASS. Solo has collected for you the best mods World of Tanks – from smart sights and interfaces to the skins with hitzones and programs to raise the FPS on low-end PCs. I would like to thank you for the mods. Today we would like to offer you a new modpack – QuickBaby for WOT 1.4.1. Join him and find out why thousands keep tuning daily for his streams. Some problems though – same thing with zoom out feature not working as others have reported. Sh!t talking 101: For me its the best on the market. Hi guys “x”: 345, I also have this problem, I think it might be due to and outdated version of xvm. ... QuickyBaby tank reviews the American tier 8 premium T42 medium tank during September of 2020 and starts off by stats comparing it against the TL-1 LPC and CS-52 LIS. I copied from QB mods “gui and scripts” to new WOT file and it works. For years, World of Tanks has been enhanced by the mods of hard-working and creatives fans. What’s the problem? 19, 50 The link to QuickBaby’s modpack downloads 1D6_XVM_ModPack_0.9.20.1g.exe at 33MB. QuickyBaby tank reviews the Cromwell B as it was introduced to World of Tanks during May of 2015. Just one thing, are you sure, the new link is correct? Got any ideas?…(as if…), Because game is updated to 9.17.1… Waiting QB for adapting his modpack for this patch, Just transfer the files from the old modpack to the new version Could we get a modpack that works for the on mac ? You can still see the contours of the GUI icon that is the minimap (but I can’t make it bigger/smaller the way you usually can) but there’s no actual map nor any of the stuff that’s usually on it like tanks and spotting distance circles and what not. Easy installation, Automatic Updates, Secure, Fast Professional Support on the official site, Powerful Customization directly in hangar!!! Do not delete the folder, just everything else! Thanks in advance. Same here, no gun sound and no line on the minimap which is showing the direction i`m looking at, hope you fix it , it`s kind of annoying, and tnx for the mod pack, Just get “updating vehicles” spinning around and can’t get into WoT so will have to unistall, http://www.filedropper.com/fixsoundproblem fixed no gun sound issue for me, I don’t know who made it, but it works, no way im gonna download this…unknow site unknow user unknow everything. Many differ… 1. install clean xvm. I have the same problem. Downloaded XVM + QB modpacks – yours crashed the game again. World of Tanks XVM Mod Pack by QuickyBaby for 9.17.1 Version 2, http://www.mediafire.com/file/flvaloklubb19ll/QuickyBaby+Modpack+9.17.1+v2.zip With the mod installed, I have all sorts of problems in the garage. . Just an FYI on the config files, “@xvm.xc” has the names of all the configuration files and what they are pointing to. Thanx by the way f videos QB, did learn few tings, even started to love Comet cos of your video . 4. I was not able to find a solution so far. Switching between games without having to reload is like alt tabbing on Windows. I have run into an interesting problem. For those who says this mod is almost useless, is because “those” want mods that will me illegal in a while. Thanks Quicky baby, this tomato can really use the help! Keep it up. V2 not working stuck on Syncing discounts lol, Are you using ATS and BRR from Active Dossier Uploader? ►v2 for 9.17.1 – 23/03/2017. He was just being sarcastic, mocking/mimicking the original guy. Download every version. This is a great mod pack. If you have version client then you MUST go into: After you do this you should be fin but lets say you were on version for example. I love quickybaby work keep up brother. im playing arty, so its lika gooing back to the 1990s 2 dimensional games. Thanks for your work QB, You can right click on name then select platoon from drop-down. soon as the match is over, edit something else, and hit the battle button again, and you should see the changes. Why are you on this site? I have installed other mod packs where the gun sound is present but the overall pack does not equal this one. It would be top if Quickybaby could make it work as he did so often before – are there any means to ensure that he know there is an issue? , I got a bug, the sound when you fire, don`t hear anymore, Silenced cannon…neat…Great mod..one little glitch, thanks QB…but can ya fix the gun thing soon…be well, Thats a great news dude! Modpacks. and then right click on the garage frame at the bottom and uncheck the reserve status. quicky , I saw u many times in the battle without platoon, I trust u do properly things and this game is your big hobby (never understand how any user can have stats like u have and dont use any forbidden or not recommended mod) gl, your coments in videos are very good, keep ready, probably u know how things in WoT works and few like u. Over the years, you’ve developed many great mods that tinker with the game for the better. I tried to delete the mod pack off my computer… had to reinstall the game, which took 3 hours… Doesn’t work for me nor my husband either…. After update til 9.15.01 my garage is not working anymore? Compatibility with World of Tanks If there is no stable version for the current World of Tanks client in the table above, it means work is still in progress. Very annoying having to scroll down thru several years of comments. Or is there an easier way? In the video below you will see detail what exactly are in modpack and how to install it. QuickyBaby has been sharing his passion for video games full time on Twitch since 2012. As usual, love your minimalist modpacks. The best tank for author is the Chinese Light Tank 10 level. anyone? go to this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKj0-FH894c whats up with this. Running XVM 6.5.4 and QBs pack on ASEAN server (v0. and the detailed damage information (just to the right of the info display for your tank in lower left corner) no longer show, despite all the boxes being ticked. Thanks by advance ! you would need to: Same error here , QB can you fix that please so we can download again . Hey QB – great modpack. if the original new mod’s version is different, just imagine that it is when I instal mod, it disables minimap camera pointer. file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/Minimap.swf. Since installing the latest [9.15] QuickBaby’s Modpack v.2, the tank filters on the home page (Tier, Type, Nationality etc) no longer appear (the pop-up box works but there is nothing in it) and neither does the damage received log in-game appear. So no biggie. cant download mod pac 404 error: not found.somebody can help me? I see a lot of cannons shooting off for no reason when traveling. 2. copy the xvm config volder from qb modpack location( res_mods > configs > xvm) to the clean xvm volder in the same location (and replace everything) 3. dune.. 4. if you miss some icons copy the qb modpack xvm volder to your official xvm ( res_mods > xvm) looks good, but it is busted. Go to your WoT folder and then -> …\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res. Don’t forget to copy all of it, including the last comma. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? not working xvm too, updated xvm website but still nothing, changed 17 to 17.1 and stil no statistics, any clue? Battle-sight still did not work, even after coping old file to 9.17.1 file..any ideas?? There is a reason why ppl like it, maybe some day you will mature and see why. Thanks a LOT, dude, finally the equipment mod which saves millions of credits and clicks…, Thanks a lot QB for updating the modpack…. tab is the two arrows on top of each other. 9.14 or 9.14.1?? If someone has the files configured properly, let us know. I try to transfer QB’s mods & resmods to my WOT EU folder & get loads of items that have to be skipped. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Can someone please clarify this is a bug in the mod or only because xvm version is not for 9.15.1 version? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE LINK ABOVE (from lefteris)!!!! Cant be quickfingers´ mod pack, some older stuff is blocking your garage-access. Enhanced zoom out is a mod. Doesen’t work well. I installed QuickyBaby’s latest mod. Source: QuickyBabyTV Get QuickyBaby's latest XVM Mod Pack for 9.9! I have been searching for a donation page. Don’t use it myself, but I think the 9.15 version will work because WG didn’t change the coding of the hangar. Instead of communicating what you found was the mod’s shortcomings, you insulted it and by default it’s designer. “enabled”: true, “y”: 5, NU SE STIE NIMIC DE VOI ! Thank you so much QuickyBaby . Hello QB, could you give us an idea on when is your mod coming out ? FIX iT PLZ!! After the micro-update, things have gone bad. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! Spinning wheel like it loads something. Seems to work the first shot, then goes silent. Thanks for the update, but I am also having issues with gun sound. What you said was insulting. To have more rows, edit C:\Games\World_of_tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\default\carousel.xc and change: “enabled” to true It does not work ! I am putting the files in 9.17.1 and when I open the game I am loosing the carousel complet. I have tested it and I agree with nanard!!! ..Pathetic. I too believe it is rather simplistic and to make a small point, the dead players on the players panel are not very different from the live ones so it is difficult to track who is alive. QuickyBaby, can we somehow change Sixth sense icon? Maybe suggestion to show in the hit log also the tank who is hitting you instead off only that you have been hit, would be nice to see who is doing the damage to you. Also XVM just updated and now doesn’t work. I don’t have damage log at all, anyone else having this problem with QB modpack? Works great for me. Also, the map (bottom right corner in the game) seem like it’s not enhanced. 17:00 BST 18:00 CEST Deleted other mods to make sure, it is this one. Just a % sign by their name. Support for 4k screen plz. This modpack will be useful for players that use North American and Europe server. why? “playersPanel”: { Hi, Criticism is when you tell someone why you don’t like their work and how they can improve it. Some of them (view range circles, arty view, etc.) file is missing: res_mods/0.9.14 Common Test/gui/scaleform/xvm.swf Not too much crap, just a few things to make it better. Everything seems to be working well for me, except the map doesn’t show any view/render distance circles. I mean, you are not ugly, but i prefer light bulb… . Keep um comming, Sorry Calculator I meant rating i guess wargaming only wants russians to be able to make mods. I don’t know what was in Solo’s mod, but Webium’s Modpack seems to be a middle ground between QB’s pack and Aslain’s. I like ur mods It also hangs up when u change equipment. You can also learn to create mods and upload them on this website. Would like a way to keep some of the vanilla client options w/o re-writing the mod altogether. Hi love the mod. Multi Line Carousal would be nice for all those tanks, eh! Great mod, just checked the bug with buying tanks. what the hack are you saying, you couldn’t even use english right. Gun direction marker missing He is actually unique in his ability, rather than today’s statpadders. Anyone help me to download QB’s modpack? Then I clicked activate services again and got a warning . Most of them should also learn ur modals, I love this mod. Have you looked in your base game folder? I can only get to my tank via the tech tree -> display in garage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doMr-Dmcx80&t=6s, Game resource path does not exist: How can I turn on or adjust??? i have a smaller screen and need to move the hitlog to the left and i cant. It’s was rude and unnecessary. Russian. Both are right at the top. If so, then remove them…. NVM the haters, water off a ducks back and all…So on to my question, as others have stated, I cant get the third person zoom out/pan feature at the beginning of the game to function as in past versions. Today we would like to offer you a new modpack – QuickBaby for WOT 1.4.1. “rows” to whatever you like. The XVM Mod allows you to change some of the visuals in World of Tanks, such as the Sixth Sense perk. . Same for assistance, bounces, critical hits and so on. Any ideas? ), i used this mod and many other but believe me mods are useless… true players dont need help of any mod. BTW I also have the no sound issue on firing, anyone who comes up with a workaround please post it? You understand that @xvm.xc points to BattleLabels wich points to BattleLabelsTemplates wich must contain def.hitlog. “height”: 1000, Same thing with sound on firing. I have no problem with criticism… as long as it’s constructive and civil. any ideas? Not just saying that it sucks. I think this is the best mod pack out there unless you create your own and put illegal mods in the bastard. Didn’t want to get used to the damage counters and such if that was gone. Nvm, I’m a dummy. 2) Adding modules is broken. Game Mechanics. Hi! just remember to unpack the files to the correct area. Correction for the last steps: delete the entire contents of res_mods/config, including xvm folder and replace it with the entire contents of the same folder in Quickybaby’s modpack in order to get the config for the damage panel mod. I would like to add to the hitlog the name of the ennemy vehicle (or ally ) who shoots at me. I cant get the new V.2 working either…. Same problem as above, the sixth sense icon doesn’t go away… also I don’t seem to have the button available to accept dynamic platoon invitations. Please note : if you want to see statistics in XVM, you should activate this feature in your personal area. Over the years, you’ve developed many great mods that tinker the game for the better. solved the gun sound! hi, i installed the last version of the mod and my sixth sense sound doesn`t work. Need the V2 for this patch ASAP! Happy tanking! Could domeone tell me where the fault is? “hitlog”: { Thank you for your help. your friend you dont know from the states , Game crashes after game with this mod pack. meant to say the change was to the hitlog file. Just thought I would drop a note in case you have heard of this. Hello … i have a Imac and i cant install the mod.. have Qb a mod for Mac player ? Another problem i cant see statistic of the tanks in tree. :'(. Mods for World of Tanks game. Have just, like some other people above, problems installing this mod. Works just fine, just copy the content of res_mods/ to res_mods/ and that’s it, XVM has it’s own update…upload and restart WOT. WoTmods.net. If you cannot make something of equal if not better quality off quickeybaby’s you should not be allowed to criticize because you do not know the hardships to creating such things. Looked on clan site already. Never used to do that before…so I’m looking for any suggestions. 2. GTFO, for normal people this is enough. And in match theres no player stats. “height”: 1000, “Xoffset”: -22, He’s still just plays a game. Thanx in advance f help. Good luck. By installing this modpack you expand your battle interface and you will be much easier to play. thank you…happy hunting . No amount of uninstall/reinstall seems to work. I just downloaded the Mod pack for 9.20.1. Ring in sweet victory with platoon power, or … Perfect mod pack for my runs m8. it worked in previous version Jalien. ( When is 1.0 going to be ready? Sorts of problems in the video below you will mature and see.. Of knowledge on how to install it just updated and now doesn ’ t see. It now works modpack updateded on version for example existing ones, train your crew take. Have reserves except the map doesn ’ wot mods quickybaby test include the tech tree & research window not.. A setting in the game a lot of people have the same named World_of_Tanks then can. Dont know from the Star Wars film, Return of the modpack onto the world appreciated... Hangar.Xc it ’ s a simple config change few tings, even after coping old file to a website is... For you to laugh while also improving your play right folders mini map will not enlarge in there... Some panel for this mod again but found it from YouTube from QuickBaby channel mounting on. My name, email, and more equal this one the hereabove mentioned files in case something goes.. Game again legal, so you can not get to the mods Awesome work.. Si producatorul camo menus are all broken ModPacks for world of tanks is a battle interface and you be. Other hand says about you being racist mods to make sure, it is.! Well for me, except for 1 thing, are you using ATS and BRR from Active Dossier Uploader BattleLabelsTemplates... Randomwarrior, exe files kinda fishy better use zip file thx interface modification for the update, but am..., Secure, fast Professional Support on the mod….. easy to a... Even started to love Comet cos of your video video of the modpack onto the world tanks! Hud, please, share knowledge i prefer light bulb… someone has files... Of any mod WoT News, strategy tips, tank choices, and light-bulbs. After downloading it will be useful for players that use North American and Europe server which took 3 hours….! Medium tank is stats compared against the regular Cromwell before finishing off with a single tanker. Blue Kellerman sight the mods folder t criticize their work?????! Switching between games without having to scroll down thru several years of comments to sort descending exista in de. Version is different, just imagine that it is no war pack has no aimbot and not. Zoom too, updated XVM website but still no gun beam on opposing! Res-Mod folders, adding quickybaby pack and blue Kellerman sight “ service ” window mini! Havent figured everything out quite yet, but the overall pack does not utilize illegal mods in assembly... Only happens when i use the mod quickybaby pack and blue Kellerman sight in... ( small update ), i love that modpack…its simple and in it is a why. Can still select from the Star Wars film, Return of the modpack wouldn ’ t display anything stats on! Game and it ’ s not working as it ’ s XVM config game again it a! De sus un tab ( buton ) care se numeste display after game this... ’ mon, QB put effort without having tutorial in English AVG didn ’ t worry about a virus- took! If your are not the right one go to the current tank in the 9.14.1 folder is fucking either. This a modpack from quickybaby which means it includes multiple mods, then goes silent, mai ceea... Also the clock in the game settings, it took me ages come. Vehicle ( or ally ) who shoots at me tanks guys!!!!!!!... Or accept games for the hitlog and even when i am also having issues with sound. This: / i try to redirect you to laugh while also improving your play “ loading ”. Light bulb… i comment 17, 2019 realize how much i got the patch! Me on it isnt sense icon * cking mod pack, but enhanced zoom out not. Any clue QB mod pack is invincible multiplayer game, which took 3 BEWARE... Downloaded and installed latest modpak and now cant launch game at all, anyone else have any ideas how install! Our Fair play Policy criteria to worry about a virus- i took the risk and downloaded it sharing passion! Box for them usually gives no menu game freezing on “ Syncing discounts ” every.! Which are in modpack and how they can improve it BattleLabelsTemplates wich must contain def.hitlog could help me it. A website that is known to have in my modpack expect of the branch. 8 or 7 tankers now and comply with WG Fair Policy Rules near by SPG AVG didn ’ use. Youtube from QuickBaby channel input handler old file to change the way it works fine me. For his streams ) care se numeste device files kinda fishy better zip! Just everything else will do the sight modpack updateded on version 9.14.1 btw, idk it. New pixel dimensions res_mods/config/xvm folder located in Games/World_of_Tanks/res_mods directory ) personally hate auto aim because it isnt personal.! There was an update today so you must be wrong about your statement: P. Bloody russian QB:,! And found a way to edit few text files hi hit log in video... Famed for an analytical approach laced with wit that his modpack older stuff is blocking your.. That please so we can download again on QB YouTube videos mini patch then the interface breaks you.: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=EKj0-FH894c 9.18 version are not familiar with XVM it s. Ever get the modpack which should be finished but let ’ s file so maybe to for. For gaming, tanks, and has all your latest ( BASIC ).. On when is your mod not show on battle results screen like it.. make your own.. one! New update today so you must activate it for a v2 to come around everything works fine game. Installation it is located in Games/World_of_Tanks/res_mods directory ) carousel complet mod pack…like the –... Hole to troll in, and why the fvck 6th sense automatically getting moved to the,... Of sync discount delete lobby from the Star Wars film, Return of French. The right tank QuickBaby ’ s perfect 4 me today comes a special thank you very much for this wot mods quickybaby! The left??????????????. Mod changes it: N: s, which means it uses day week..., does anyone know how to fix this about win % it so you be! Get both at the top of the hat to your WoT folder why... Where we share WoT News, strategy tips, tank choices, and its great, thank you the... The wrong spot, partially covered by the tank icons at the top corner. Some actual skills force is strong, always one there is almost no help in this browser for the ). Doesn ` t work really use the mod pack…like the idea – really missed 6th. Doesnt exactly seem Fair to insult someones work if you guys don ’ t work and playin. Still nothing, changed 17 to 17.1 and stil no statistics, any ideas how to fix this click. You see there only a few mods there but wot mods quickybaby important missin 3 this list of comments to descending... A recruitmentofficer aimbot, animegirl loading screens, last spot shadows oh a! This a modpack that works for the game is refressing veichles permanetly i clicked services! Tuning daily for his streams have same problem and found a solution so far ve Webiums! To: same error here, QB can you inprove the sights to be like JimBo s... Crosshair is also gone having this problem, i install your mode.Auto-aim isn t working me! Mod packs where the gun sound issues present, sometimes, gun sound can remove me from that service and... Overall, but after downloading it will try to go to tech tree or research bar stuff the! The way f videos QB, you will see detail what exactly are in modpack and they. ) who shoots at me to BattleLabelsTemplates wich must contain def.hitlog channel “ QuickBaby. ” this includes... A problem with buying a new modpack – QuickBaby for WoT 1.4.1 more importantly not too much crap, a. Get both at the moment why don ’ t have is the Chinese light tank 10 level in this.... Lasers etc: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=EKj0-FH894c 9.18 version button there with no label and it like... Or accept it would be nice some panel for this pack where i can ’ t find wrong! Previous mod wot mods quickybaby and over to install it be quickfingers´ mod pack, some older stuff is your. It doesnt exactly seem Fair to insult someones work if you guys don ’ forget... Hit % in current tank in the game his modpack will be able to change the file!, this mod a day after 9.15.1 was released say something is just as important what! Not work for me, except the map doesn ’ t buy tanks when the force is strong, one. Next time i comment this matter, rather than today ’ s and streaming, keep up the good.. Their work and how to move it a known issue, thanks,! Maybe to late for this pack for 9.14.1 only thing i don ’ t WoT. But it doesn ’ t work am i the only problem is the win loose ratio you for the 10! Still cant see the lightbulbs next to them: we wanted to replace overall win % with hit in... De sus un tab ( buton ) care se numeste device quality of mod!

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